Saturday, July 26, 2014

Almo Nature Cat Food

While we were out recently , we came across this tinned cat food. Now as most know, I am NOT a big believer in cooked, processed , unrecognizable , chemical laden, canned cat food.  But believe me when I say this food is different. And better!

First - read the label - ingredients
100% Natural Chicken Drumstick
Recipe: Chicken drumstick and water sufficient for cooking.

GA: Proteins 16%, Fats 3%, Ashes 3%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 80%. Kcal/kg 810.

100% Natural Chicken with Pumpkin
Recipe: Chicken, water sufficient for cooking, pumpkin.
GA: Proteins 16%, Fats 0.5%, Ashes 3%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 82%. Kcal/kg 602
100% Natural Mixed Seafood
Recipe: White fish, water sufficient for cooking, baby clams, squid and shrimps.
GA: Proteins 13%, Fats 0.3%, Ashes 3%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 83%. Kcal/kg 480

100% Natural Chicken Breast
Recipe: Chicken breast and water sufficient for cooking.
GA: Proteins 17%, Fats 0.3%, Ashes 2%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 80%. Kcal/kg 620

100% Natural Salmon
Recipe: Salmon and water sufficient for cooking.
GA: Proteins 16.5%, Fats 1%, Ashes 2%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 78%. Kcal/kg 660

100% Salmon with Carrots
Recipe: Salmon, water sufficient for cooking and carrot.
GA: Proteins 15%, Fats 0.5%, Ashes 3%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 82%. Kcal/kg 560

100% Natural Salmon and Chicken
Recipe: Salmon, chicken and water sufficient for cooking.
GA: Proteins 17.5%, Fats 1%, Ashes 2%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 78%. Kcal/kg 690

100% Natural Tuna and Whitebait
Recipe: Tuna, water sufficient for cooking and white baits.
GA: Proteins 17%, Fats 0.5%, Ashes 2%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 80%. Kcal/kg 630

100% Natural Tuna with Cheese
Recipe: Tuna, water sufficient for cooking and cheese.
GA: Proteins 19%, Fats 1%, Ashes 2%, Fibers 1%, Moisture 80%. Kcal/kg 750

Pretty Awesome , wouldnt you say?   Now , how about taste? well I was fortunate enough to acquire a couple of their "sampling" cans - these are super cute tiny 1.7 ounce cans of their product - and let me tell you. My cats growled over it, fought over it, gobbled it down and even in 1 instance picked UP the empty can and ran away to guard it for later perusal!   This product got a big paws up in our house and we are sincerely hoping our local raw Blue Ridge Beef distributor will begin carrying this product so we can order it in locally.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 14th Birthday

Just wanted to take the time to wish Happy 14th Birthday to one of our retirees - Kender's Just Clowning Around, known by his family as Boris.  Born July 1, 2000.

Here's what his mom, Carol has to say about him recently........... Boris is a very loving, spoiled rotten, demanding, beautiful, big, 14 pounder. Loves his screened patio and spends most of his time, awake or sleeping out there on his condo tower. Other places he likes to go is the top of cabinets in kitchen. All windows have smudge marks at Boris' nose level. Funny how things happen. Once in awhile, I'll catch him sleeping in the sink in the bathroom. Ivan taught him that trick.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Meet & Greet Sat 6/28

This is our update - from our meet and greet Saturday night. 
We had such a lovely time,  enjoyed ourselves and the company

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kender is in the Top 1% of CFA Catteries

Kender Cattery has been dedicated to the Siberian cat a long time. We couldnt be more proud of our many Grand Champions and Grand Premiers in CFA.  

Taken from the CFA Newsletter -
Factoids About Catteries of Distinction
Submitted by Dick Kallmeyer

Some things to think about the impact of Catteries of Distinction
  • Catteries of Distinction represent only 0.7% of CFA catteries (1,783 catteries)
  • Catteries of Distinction accounted for 72.6% of all CFA grands (since 1978)
  • Catteries of Distinction accounted for 85.8% of all DMs

Congratualtions Are In Order

As many of you know - our 2 boys participate in the CFA Junior Showmanship Program called YFEP.  Both boys won Regional Awards this year - with our youngest earning a National Award as well!

From the CFA newsletter!

YFEP Congratulates Our Regional Winners
By: Cathy Dunham, Program Co-Chair
Our young people completed a full show season in style by completing a variety of activities. The support shown by the fancy has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated by the kids as they have shown their feline companions, worked alongside show committees to produce shows, made presentations in the community, hosted fund raising events for orphaned animals after a storm, stewarded, clerked, or hosted food drives for a local shelter. All these activities show the cat fancy in a very positive light to general public.
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the regional winners for YFEP.
 This year these kids were recognized for their accomplishments at regional celebrations across the country. During those celebrations we asked the Regional Directors to also award the national placements as well since many of our youth are unable to attend the annual in New Orleans. The exception to the national awards being presented is the award for the Highest Overall Achievement in the YFEP program, which will be presented at the delegates meeting to a very deserving young person. When you see these youth, please let them know you support their activities and achievements.
The committee would like to extend a huge Thank You to Royal Canin for making the program possible and to all the supporters of the program for making it a place in which tomorrows exhibitors/breeders can explore the cat fancy at their own pace and find the areas in which they excel.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Grand!

Pending CFA Conformation - today at the Santa Monica Cat Clubs Regional Awards Show we are tickled to announce that Kender's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  aka KISSY Grand Premiered!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kender's Frozen Litter

Just wanted to share these fabulous pictures taken by Chanon in Phoenix - the litter was 9 months and 3 days old. Hans, the boy , made 2 champion finals including a Best Longhair Cat in Specialty - under noted judge B Zenda!