Friday, September 19, 2014

Siberian Available

young adult female, spayed - brown mac tabby & white - CFA champion. Available. 11 months  Super sweet and loving , wants to be your bed partner!

Female kitten - brown tabby & white. Born 6/21 - available to reserve for a go home date around early Oct.
sweet but has a definite independent streak!  Thinks she is totally the  head boss kitty ! LOL  Loves to play and is just SURE she can catch the red dot!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Updates

Some wonderful updates from our recent kitty families. -
3:59pm Sep 13
Little Rex is such an incredible kitten!! He brings me so much happiness, and I want to thank you again for being so wonderful and giving him to me! He is SUCH a snuggler, he doesn't just want to be little spoon, he wants to be as close as possible, preferrably cuddled up in my neck. My roommates absolutely love him, and they have shorter work days so they play with him when I can't be home. He definitely keeps himself entertained though, he goes crazy over the feather toys, then within seconds passes out, always right next to me in bed. Your cats are one of a kind, and I am so lucky to have little Rexy in my life! Thanks again!
Sasha is the sweetest kitten ever!!! She loved and cuddled up to all of us last night. She loves her new toy!!!
Thank you for choosing us to be her new family!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Allergy Diagnostic Tool !

Just wanted to share this with everyone - NO I AM NOT ENDORSING this company or product  BUT it could prove very interesting and hopefully even helpful to someone who may be battling the mysterious allergy diagnosis! 

Obviously this is NOT meant to replace veterinary care and advice , but could be a phenomenal tool that is price conscious for the average pet owner!*fb6016155320695

Our simple at-home evaluation can reveal allergies and toxicities causing your pet's itching, chewing, ear infections, watery eyes and more. Play video...

Top 10 reasons our customers chose

We asked our customers why they purchased the ImmuneIQ test. Here's what they told us.

  1. I could not afford $1,000 allergy test and office visits
  2. I've tried everything and I can't figure out what is wrong
  3. We are not sure it's a food allergy. We want to know if it's something else.
  4. Benedryl®, Temaril-Pl®, steroids or other medications stopped working and Im worried about the side-effects
  5. The allergy tests we've researched just do not test enough
  6. My vet has run many test and still has no answers for us
  7. Your value was better than the other tests my vet told me about
  8. We tried an elimination diet and our pet's symptoms are just getting worse
  9. I wanted confirmation on another test(s) that I did for my pet
  10. I didn't want my pet to have to endure the skin prick or scratch tests

Monday, September 1, 2014

More "Family" Photos

Here are some pictures sent to us from our wonderful extended Kender Kitty families. We do stay in touch with our families and hope you take that into consideration when looking to get your next (or maybe your FIRST )Siberian!

Kender's Just Clowning Around - at 14 Years! of age ! Holy Smokes!

Below is a phenomenal picture of Dragos - not quite 2 yet in the home that loves him

And this lovely young lady is Song - who went over to Hong Kong to apparently become a fashion model ! WOW ! Thank you Jackie for making her a STAR!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Contact -

Just a quick heads up - if you ahve called us in the last couple of days - please send us an email instead - we just discovered our phone is dead and the charger chord has been eaten thru by certain feline friends! LOL

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

HCM Additions

We would like to thank Xena and Madison's owner. She took both girls to the Irvine CA HCM clinic in July - and both passed with clear scans.  Kender's Warrior Princess ( Draco x Flower) and Kender's Madison ( Ivan x Raysa) . 

We will continue to scan our breeding kitties, encourage other breeders to do the same, and hold those we work with to the same standard.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Well today was a good day for Kender. We had 4 cats scanned for PKD - all scanned clear/Negative ! Mother Bella (7yrs old) and son Draco (soon to be 3) , Mother B'Lana ( 7 years of age) and son Kotey (age 5) - all scanned clear! If you are an owner of an offspring from one of these cats , we are happy to share a copy of the results with you for your records.

This was the first clinic of its kind in the AZ /SW area to have PKD included and are extremely grateful to the organizer of this clinic and hope for its continuation.

CFA RW GC Kender's Toujour's Pur PKD free , HCM Clear, PK free
CFA GC Kender's Surprise Voyager PKD free, HCM clear, PK free
CFA GC Kender's Faithful Servant PKD free, HCM clear, PK free
CFA Ch Kender's Surprise Voyager PKD free, HCM clear, PK free

We are also thankful for Kotey's home , as he has been retired for a while - they brought him all the way up from Tuscon for this screening. 

And not to be forgotten - we are extremely grateful to Dr Russell Green DVM PhD , for his support of the fancy, in helping to  ensure we as breeders are indeed on the right tract in using only healthy sound animals in our breeding programs.  Dr Green and his staff were wonderful !