Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Meet our Ugly Duckling.

meet our Ugly Duckling.. Sometimes genetics just arent as kind to us all.

This poor baby hasnt had any real interest in him - yes I know - he is as Shenzei from the Lion King said ... .. "and man are they uuuugly"... but he is so sweet and precious ! He is still needing a reservation to make his forever home !

If you would like to reserve him - he is still a youngster looking at a going home date of around mid April. Born 12/26 .Male, silver mackeral tabby.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Alda Update.. now Olive

we are so blessed and pleased to have rec'd this today -

Hello, Alice! (:

Mark and I just wanted to share some sweetness of little Miss Olive with y'all, and send our condolences on the passing of Bella and return of Thorn. 

(We did rename Alda "Olive," as Alda sounds a lot like my grandmother's name, Alma.) Olive continues to amaze us with her humor, curiosity, and capacity to cuddle! She has explored every height in our apartment, and discovered so many sleeping nooks! Mostly, however, she likes to help, whether its with homework, cooking, grocery bags, tying shoes, baths, or sleeping. 

She received a transformable play mat as one of her Christmas presents, and is absolutely loving it right now. We also bought her a few big 3" diameter crunchy/crinkly balls, like the one from you she came home with, but she still favors the little, loved one from her first home. (: 
She's so funny though!: Mark and I brought back a bunch of beach rocks from a walk one weekend, and she claimed a little green one as her own new play toy for awhile! She enjoyed pushing it around on the tile floor, and then throwing it up, so it would clatter on its return. 

We hope you all are doing well...., !!

Sarah + Mark + Olive 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Siberians for life.

Please folks - understand this. We want to know how our kitties are doing  2 months down the road a year, 5 years and so on.   It is not limited by time and distance.  We cry when they pass - even if not in our care for a long time.  We are so very fortunate to have families share and report  even after all that time.  We;ve seen children grow up and go to college (YIKES!) with their kitties. 
Kender Siberians are forever kitties.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Siberian Games

 Isnt t his rather appropriate - playing Cat-Opoly Miss Stormy is helping herself.

 Gus is definitely supervising his family as well.
Apparently Siberians are very avid and attentive gamers.  who knew ! ?? ! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Read this over and think about this. if the Below upsets, offends, concerns, worries or in any way causes you to hesitate  - then by all means STOP. Do the cat a favor , do the breeder a favor do yourself a favor and run out immediately and get the one on the LEFT ! 
Shred the curtains

Scratch the furniture

Get claws stuck in the table cloth and jump off in panic
breaking your grandmothers good China

Eat the hamster

walk into the other room and meow till you go into the room and pet them
Puke up hairballs on the rug, carpet or bed

Spread “poo” all around when a lovely little kernel gets
stuck in their tushy fur and they go racing around the
house just sure they are being pursued by a demon

Toss litter into every nook and cranny you didnt even know existed , that is until you step on it.

only stops long enough to grab your ankle and run -yes this will involve a tiny drop of blood shed
purrs at your touch most likely will purr at your touch or your kids or your husbands or bite your hand or completely ignore you . What day of the week is it?

Shreds your new (insert object here ) couch chair jacket etc

Leaves fur on that business suit you left out the night before (or worse a fur ball !)

Decides today there is no way they will ever eat THAT food again. SO you go out and buy 12 different kinds of food hoping he wont starve
eats your childs hair ties – vet bill $2500 for surgery
gets a sniffle – you think he's dying – vet bill $300 nope not dying

gets lost for ½ a day you cant find him kids in tears you in panic – he comes nonchalantly out of the bathroom cabinet like “hey ..whats up ?”

you intend to permanently disfigure  this animal by de-clawing it

you intend to abandon this animal when it gets old , pees on things or no longer amuses you.

you intend to neglect this animal by leaving it alone for long periods of time with no companionship or to feed it inappropriately or not seek regular veterinary care or yell or throw things at or in any other way intentionally injure this animal because you happen to be tired, sick, short tempered , or just plain ignorant of the animals innate behavior. 


Monday, December 26, 2016

Vitamin K in Cats

5. Vitamins (5 of 6)
Vitamin K is not usually talked about when one speaks of vitamins, but it's there, and it's important. Vitamin K comes in two natural forms. K1 (phylooquinone) occurs in green plants. K2 (menaquinone) is produced by bacteria in the large intestine. K3 (menadione) is a synthetic version with 2-3 times the potency of K1.
It's main function involves clotting of blood. Specifically, vitamin K functions as a cofactor to convert proteins into prothrombin (factor II) in the liver. (See accompanying diagram.) Without enough vitamin K, clotting slows. (Vitamin K is an antidote for rat poisoning.) Vitamin K also plays a role in bone and kidney tissue involving the binding of calcium.
Cats get some of their vitamin K from the bacteria in the intestine. For most cats, this seems to supply a sufficient amount. The exception is the intestinal bacterial population is depleted by antibiotics or other drugs interfer with the absorption from the large intestine. Liver, eggs, and certain fish (salmon, canned tuna and mackerel) are fairly good animal sources.

Again - please note all thanks and due go to Linda Hornberger for writing this up so so well.