Friday, August 26, 2016

Baby Updates

Here's a quick update on the  July 11th litter.. There are 6 babies - 4 girls and 2 boys.

Reservations are as follows -  1st pick Troy (show home) GIRL.
2nd pick Diane (show home) BOY
3rd pick Jenn (pet home) gender undetermined
4th pick Bez (pet home) undetermined and pending deposit

once the above deposit is made - we will only accept 1 more total deposit for this litter. Our Meet & Greet is scheduled for Sept 10th Saturday evening for making "your" pick.

For families getting a Kender baby - if you have a different name picked out than the ones we are using currently - let us know ! We are happy to start using them here to help make the transition easier.

Right now names are Lili - for Queen Liliuokalani
                                   Lani - meaning Sky
                                    Maui -
                                     Keoni - meaning John
                                    Makana - meaning gift

Sweet Social Siberian Babies

Such sweet fun and social babies !
 Somehow the innocent look leaves me suspicious !
Peek a Boo

Bookends anyone?

Surely a better vantage point.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jully 11th babies

Adding few new pictures of hte babies - so cute . Deposits being taken now for the 3rd and 4th positions.  First 2 picks have already been reserved.

Because clean  laundry baskets make the best kitty forts! 


Saturday, August 13, 2016

1 Month Babies - Available To Reserve

Jul 11th Babies are officially 1 month old now ! And growing like weeds ! Reservations being taken now on GIRLS!  both mom and dad - HCM tested , PK Def tested

Kender's Prince Hans, SIB n 22 03, 2013-09-20, US/US
Kender's Equinox, SIB n 22 09, 2012-03-26, US/US
CH (CFA) Kender's Pirates Treasure-of-Judo, SIB n 25, 2009-04-19, US/US
CFA Grand CH & TICA RW SGC Sibirskiy Russian Bear, SIB n 09 23, 2006-04-16, US/-
Sibirskiy's Black Pearl of Kender, SIB n, 2007-08-17, US/-
Kender's Reluctant Voyager, SIB a 23 09, 2007-10-22, US/US
CFA Grand CH & TICA RW SGC Sibirskiy Russian Bear, SIB n 09 23, 2006-04-16, US/-
Kender's One Heart One Goal, SIB ny 23, 2006-01-02, US/US
Prekrasne's Mystery Inc Of Kender, SIB n23 03, 2009-07-31, US/US
CFA Grand CH & TICA RW SGC Sibirskiy Russian Bear, SIB n 09 23, 2006-04-16, US/-
QGCA Cooncreole Bolshoi Medevit Moroz Mur, SIB d 09 23, 2002-06-21, US/-
Gloria Tender Mystery of Sibirskiy, SIB n 22, 2002-12-15
Prekrasne Baialyn, SIB n 23, 2007-06-05
Sibaris Godomir of Prekrasne, SIB n 23, 2006-08-13, RU/US
Candalise Onix Gloria, SIB ny 11, 2006-05-06, RU/-
CH (CFA) Kender's Heart To Heart, SIB n 09 23, 2014-03-10, US/US
RW GR CH (CFA) Kender's Toujours Pur, SIB n 23 03, 2011-09-28, US/US
CFA CH Savushka Edward Winter Snowflake, SIB ns 22, 2009-06-20
CH O'Kay Romeo Nebesnye Glazky, SIB ns 23, 2008-03-03, RU/-
Savushka Golubka, SIB ns 22
GCH (CFA) Kendercat Faithful Servant, SIB n 09 23, 2007-10-27, US/-
CFA Grand CH & TICA RW SGC Sibirskiy Russian Bear, SIB n 09 23, 2006-04-16, US/-
Willowbrook Zoyaovna of Kendercat, SIB f 23, 2005-10-28, US/-
Kender's Warrior Princess, SIB a 23 09, 2012-06-27, US/US
CH (CFA) Kender's Young Gryffindor, SIB ns 23 03, 2011-05-19, US/US
GR CH (CFA) Kender's Surprise Voyager, SIB ns 23, 2009-05-29, US/US
CH (CFA) Kendercat Russian Rose, SIB a 09 23, 2008-08-02, US/-
Transsiberie's Flower Of Kender, SIB  n 03, 2010-04-20, US/US
CH Kender's Deutsch Schwarzes Gold, SIB ns 09, 2001-05-15, US/-
Transsiberie Baby Moon Of Siberkot, SIB a 09, 2002-05-19, US/US

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kender's Siberian Kittens at the TICA SW Regional Show

little Ashildr was literally 4 months and 4 days at the shows opening -
by the end you would think she was a natural born star. She sure thought
so. She did very well and we look forward to a fruitful show career.
She did exceptionally well taking 4 best of breeds over 2 very much
older kittens as well as 2 All Breed Finals !

Kender's Siberian Kitten Bored at a TICA show

This is what happens by the third day of a very long TICA cat show - Ashildr is making her own entertainment.

Fun & Whimsical Cat Art

Just wanted to share a local (to AZ) artist who is really amazing. While she is not limited to cats in her art - she sure does a beautiful job.  Being not only a cat fan , but a Disney freak - I couldnt resist purchasing this print from her over the weekend.

You can find her on Facebook at  , her name is Paula and she does wonderful work. She is even planning an adult coloring book in the not distant future!  We cant wait !