Monday, January 7, 2019

Silver Male Kitten Availalbe

This handsome super sweet boy is available now! Already neutered - just a cuddle bug. will sleep with you , clean you , help you do anything !

New Baby Grand !

Jareth at the December Phoenix show became Kender's newest "baby" grand at just a smidge over a year. A really tough time to show for a growing young Siberian Boy - but we couldnt be happier with how his co-owner Debra B presents him !

thank you Debra for all your hard work ! He looked great !

Another Magazine Cover

We couldn't be more proud of our continues breeding's - doing so well in the show halls including internationally in Hong Kong as well as domestically.

So Now - yet another of our breedings  has made the January cover of the Hong Kong full color magazine
And to add to our joy - our sweet black and white bicolor girl we sent over to Hong Kong as well was shown in the article's photos  

We have been very blessed to produce some amazing Siberians over the years being chosen for the CFA Phone Book Cover of 2017 , CFA Siberian Breed Brochure (2015 thru current edition) ,  the HOng Kong My Cat magazine from August of 2017 cover and article as well as Cats Life again June of 2015 and My Pet MAgazine from 2013 Just to name a few!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Allergen Testing for Cats / Dogs/ People / Horses

I think this looks awesome and can help you and your vet manage your pets even better. No more guessing well its "probably" a food allergy , or its "probably" a pollen allergy - no more shot gun approach. However do keep in mind that just like people pets can develop allergies over the years as well as grow back out of them - so potentially this might need to be done more than once over the course of your pets life if you see changes

MAM Pet Intolerance Test for Cats

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**FULL DISCLOSURE - at this time we have NOT done business with this company and have no experience good or bad with this company or its products - we are simply sharing this information or product.   

Friday, October 26, 2018

Kender's Siberians continuing tradition of Health and type

We are so pleased to continue our long standing tradition of HCM screening our Siberians. Today 3 of our cats went in and were all screened clear by cardiac specialist Dr. C Paige.

CFA Ch Kender's Smooth Criminal aka Michael -… over 5 generations of HCM scanned clear pedigrees in Kender bred cats.

CFA Ch Kender's Ello Poppet aka Poppet - again - 5 generations of Kender bred HCM scanned clear pedigrees on moms side.

and pleased to introduce CFA Ch Siberian Grace Adamant new CFA champion , genetically cleared DNA of all testable concerns and now HCM scanned clear, Big thank you to Victoria Smirnova for sending this boy over.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Male Siberian Kittens

we have available to reserve a couple youngsters. Boys
 Brown mac tabby
Brown Mac tabby  and white

 Brown mac tabby & white

Drop us an email if interested in reserving one of these 3 handsome young boys.