Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Girl Britches

Well Miss Tonks has officially put on her "big girl" britches. At her first outing as an adult - on Sat she made her Championship and on Sunday got an all-breed final from Kim Everett - giving her a nice start on her way to a CFA Grand.

Way to go Tonks!

Friday, August 28, 2009


This boy is a handful - as you can plainly see. A real sweetheart - just purrs and plays. And did I mention he is now looking for a perfect home?

A Couple of Kittens

Here are Tia Dalma (the brown tabby & white girl) and her yet to be named brother. These are some beautiful up and coming babies waiting for their chance in the ring. Born May 29th it won;t be long!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Miss Tonks

Well as I look at the stats - Little Miss Tonks is still in1st place for CFA Siberian Kittens with a commanding 200 point lead over the next leader. I honestly don't expect her to keep her lead, but it sure looks nice to see it while it lasts! And after all - she has aged out and can not garner any more points, we are only in the 4th month of the show season so it is early yet, and I fully expect a nice young boy to come along and bump her down. Boys do so much better than girls as a rule.

Gee - doesn't she look comfortable? The little stinker.