Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gunner Update

Since the last posting, Gunner has only been to 1 show. The 1 day Visalia. He made a final there, and as of the last checking of the CFA Breed Stat's, he is currently holding his #2 Alter position nicely.

Please watch for him at Dallas this weekend.

Just Sharing an Update

The 2 pet kittens from the Impossible Litter have gone to their new homes. And here is a quick update from the big brown classic & white girls now mommy. I thought it was funny.

Dear Alice,
I know you have your hands full with your job, boys, animals, etc.....BUT...I thought I'd keep you up to date on "Things We've Learned From Callie"......
Tablecloths can't have fringe
toilets should be CLOSED at all times
feet under the covers should not be moved suddenly
there's more dust under all of our furniture then we thought
cords on blinds are for smacking
Also, don't move the arrow to quickly on the computer screen if she's on the desk!!!
And...we continue to learn.......Also, Scotty doesn't seem to be having any allergy issues or asthma problems. We sure hope this keeps up since we love her,and we have taught her some BAD habits...like we feed her from the table if she sits ON THE FLOOR near our chairs...she's a cheese hound....
Just thought you'd like to know what's going on.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Here are 3 of the babies from our "P" litter, Peter, the solid blue and Pepper a pretty tortie girl and my son is holding the lovely pet girl, being called Pickled Tat! by their 2 year old. How adorable is that??????

Kender's "Impossible" Girls

Here are the 2 girls Kender is keeping from our Impossible Litter. Respectively Kender Believes The Impossible (silver classic & white) and Kender's Thru The Looking Glass (brown classic & white).  Neither will be left out of the game and are eagerly awaiting their first show.


We will be at our next show in a couple of weeks, and have had to miss the local Phoenix show due to work and family commitments.  But rest assured, Gunner will be back out to please not only the judges, but the spectators as well.   Look for him soon!