Monday, June 25, 2012

Just got this picture today from the new owner Debra. This is her 2nd and 3rd Siberian from me. Her first is the CFA Grand Premier Kender's Zima that she showed to his Grand and was so thrilled she decided to have a few more! Who can blame her.  Seen here, just a few days after their arrival Silver & Kelt have moved right in, made themselves at home and indeed have begun to take over!  We are even more thrilled that she will once again be presenting them in the CFA Show ring in the coming months.

Be on the lookout for Kender's Metalsmith (Silver) and Kender's Highland Kelt (Kelt) to be making their debut soon. Sadly they will be too young for the Phoenix 1 day show by just a  couple of weeks - but we promise it will be real soon!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kender's Toujours Pur

We are so proud of our handsome loving boy. In his first show out - at the CFA SouthWest Regional Awards 1 day show, Draco - at the tender age of 8 months and 9 days - went Best of Breed 5 out of 6 rings, and attained 4 finals - giving him over half of the needed points to Grand Champion (105).  What an awesome showing of this young lad. He is sired by Eddy and our own CFA Grand Kender's Faithful Servant (Bella). We look forward to his next few shows - and even though this year we will be cutting back on the amount of shows we attend I think it is clear this young boy is an up and coming contender.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just Some Comments

Thought  I would share just some of the wonderful comments we have received lately on our kittes.  All last names have been removed

well Prada made her trip in style, impressing everyone along the way. Our special girl is now in residence with Big Sky Siberian Katz and Melody . We wish them nothing but the best, Prada finished up the 2011/12 CFA show season as 2nd Best Siberian in the SW Region and 2nd Best Kitten as well!
I would like to introduce Grand Champion Kenders The Devil Wears More
By: Bigskysiberian Katz
· · · June 13 at 3:34pm

    • Bigskysiberian Katz That is fantastic! Congrats Alice...We will show her here as well and keep you posted on how she does..:) Thank you again!
      June 13 at 4:35pm · · 2
    • Debbie  What???? Melody got her??? Now I have to go to Melody's page and covet her from afar???
      Sunday at 10:07am · · 1
    • Alice Wright yep! :-)
    • Bigskysiberian Katz lol....
      Sunday at 11:17am · · 1
    • Debbie  Fine... lemme know when you are done with her, Melody :).
      Sunday at 11:18am · · 1
    • Alice Wright everbody loved that cat - such was the strength of her personality!
    • Bigskysiberian Katz will do Debbie..:) she is VERY special...I fall in love in ALL Alices kitties I have gotten...If I lived closer to Alice it could be many I have passed on that I loved immediatley when I saw pics of them...especially the reds she has produced as I love the reds too! This girl is such a blessing..I knew as soon as I saw her and put her in the car, I opened her carrier door and out she came,.within 20 minutes she was standing on tippy toes with paws on windows edge peeking out the windows at cars passing by and people were pointing and thought yep she is going to fit in just fine..
      Sunday at 11:47am · · 1
    • Alice Wright Thanks everyone - I do strive to attain the social and loving temperament that makes these cats so great , while still maintaining their health, type and beauty
      Sunday at 4:21pm · · 1
    • Debbie  I hear you Melody.. I had to stop going to Alice's website lol.. this one is bad enough lol. I just wish I weren't so allergic,but then I'd be a hoarder!! However.. I am so happy with my 3. I know I've said this before.. but Alice... you do do a spectacular job with all your cats. When I went to pick up Shya.. Alice had just moved into her house in Arizona, from being at your grandma's?, and from Utah. So 3 moves in a short time....all the cats were so friendly.. I wanted that one, and that one, and that one!!!
      11 hours ago ·
    • Diane  I knew she would she is wonderful...
      4 hours ago ·
      Tanya - You really know how to spoil your cats and make them feel so loved, Alice!!!


CFA Ch. Kender's SilverDawn of NightMusic

This lovely silver patched tabby , bred by us, and owned by NightMusic cattery is just 9 months old shown here. She is a CFA Champion w/ a few grand points to her credit
We look forward to seeing her in the ring further.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Deli's First Show

Please join us in welcoming Nadezhda's Delilah Blue of Kender

A blue smoke female , and such a  sweet joyful soul.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Next Show

For those who would like to meet some of our wonderful Siberians, we will be in Palm Springs this Saturday for the 1 day CFA show.  We will have our incredibly handsome boy Nigel there, as well as 2 youngsters at their first show.

See ya all in CA!

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