Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Timeline Note!

Dear Friends , please take note - for anyone who is reserving a cat or kitten. Just like at Halloween time, we do not let ANY animal go to their new homes during the immediate time of Christmas - this year that mean from Saturday Dec. 21 , thru Saturday, December 28th. Please understand we feel this policy is for the best interest of our kitties

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Great Meeting

Well, I think today;s meet and greet was awesome. We had a couple of "old friends" come by Diane & Bea - yeah.. always great to never loose that connection.  And got re-aquanted with a super nice family we have met a couple of times. And they got to pick up their kitty, then made a quick decision to take home one of the retired adults - in Gus! a 2 fer!  Then we met 2 new ladies  Kate who is now the happy proud momma of Ivan (see picture below) and Susan who is here visiting and just stopped by to say Hi! 

Diane playing with her new little girl

 Kate  & Ivan, they really hit it off right away. I am so thrilled!
 Susan checking out Spot, or is hat Spot checking out Susan! This is her first introduction to Siberians.

 And Patricia and part of her family, coming to pick up their little boy (the brown tabby & white) and spending some awesome quality time playing with the pair of babies.
Boy in motion!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Retired Kitty Meet & Allergy Testing.

Howdy all - we are having an "official" retired kitty meet up - on Sunday @ 1pm.  If you are local to AZ , Phoenix area and are interested in one of our retired adults - we will have them available for you to pet and get to know! Currently we have 3 neutered , young adult males all under the age of 3 years.  We will also have 1 adult female , who just turned 3, available to become introduced to. 

Also - ALLERGIES. This this the time. If you are looking to test for allergies , let us know. This is a wonderful opportunity.  Drop us an email.  And we hope to see several of you this Sunday (11/17)