Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hans , PK Def Testing results

We are pleased to share that Hans, our handsome brown mac tabby & white stud - can now add PK Def  Negative to his health certifications  He was recently tested , continuing our commitment to the health and longevity of  the Siberian breed,and our lines in general.

So it is officially - CFA Grand Champion Kender's Prince Hans HCM clear, PK Def Neg, PKD1 Neg by parentage testing

Hans  is expecting an exciting litter around the first week or so of April 2016 - watch for an announcement on that !

Hans has a stunning and promising litter on the ground now - NO babies will be made available at this time.  This litter has 1 boy and 1 girl - both brown mac tabbies & HIGH white.. and will be grown out here with us.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

10 Cat Books the Average Owner Should Own

10 Cat Books the Average Owner Should Own

Here is a list I compiled awhile ago of 10 books that are both readable for the average cat owner and very useful.  (Links are to the book page on LibraryThing.com)

  1. Veterinary Notes for Cat Owners or Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook -- These books are well written so the layperson can understand a variety of diseases and conditions in cats.  The photos are particularly helpful at times.
  2. Raising Cats Naturally: How to care for your cat the way nature intended -- This is the 'bible' for feeding raw.  Not only does it give 2 options for preparing the food (with and without a grinder), but it explains the rational behind the diet's ingredients with references.
  3. The new natural cat : a complete guide for finicky owners -- Excellent book on general cat care, using a variety of alternative treatments.
  4. Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats -- This was the book that started my interest in both alternative veterinary medicine for cats and in raw food.  While his recipes rely too much on grain in my opinion, his sections on vaccines and then the catalog of diseases and treatments are very good.
  5. Cat Wrangling Made Easy: Maintaining Peace and Sanity in Your Multicat Home -- Excellent book by someone who has lived in a multicat home on how to manage things.  Some of the tips and suggestions are brilliant!
  6. Cat Vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat -- Another book on cat behavior and interaction by a top behaviorist.  Her method of introducing new cats has become the standard method and actually does work!
  7. Getting in TTouch with your Cat -- This book explains a wonderful massage-type treatment for cats.  It is simple to learn and helps many cats to relax.
  8. Cats Naturally: Natural Rearing For Healthier Domestic Cats -- While this is an older book, it is well worth buying it as it is the best guide out there for using herbs with cats.
  9. The Nature of Animal Healing : The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat -- A newer and very useful book on holistic medicine for dogs and cats.  Some of the suggestions, such as the Chinese medicine ones, are rarely seen in even other holistic vet books.
  10. Starting from scratch : how to correct behavior problems in your adult cat -- Another behavior book, but this one is specifically on how to correct already established bad behaviors.  I like this one since using drugs is the absolute last resort.
  16. Please note I did not compile this list - I just happen to agree with it, and got permission to share it.  Please see the original post and poster  Linda Hornberger here - http://lmhornberger.blogspot.com/2016/01/10-cat-books-average-owner-should-own.html

Friday, January 15, 2016

Age of Arrival

We often get asked WHY we refuse to let our babies go to their forever homes until after 14 weeks. No this is not negotiable. No we don't care if you can get "another" kitten somewhere else at a younger age - it wont be from us !   No we don't care if you offer us ... whatever you may try to bargain with us for the early release of one of our precious babies. 

What we DO care about is the health of our babies. The proper socialization of our babies. And the proper development.    As a mother myself - think of it this way. A kitten at only 8 weeks of age - the minimum age required under  Federal law - is in the emotional and developmental age of a 3 year old. Now take that 3 year old child- spay or neuter them, and send them to a new home. A home with other adults, new rules, and say here you go - figure it out. Oh and eat what everyone else is eating and behave as if you fit in with no mother and no siblings.  Hmmmmmmmmmm , no one in their right mind would accept this NOR expect a 3 year old child to do this.   Well folks that is exactly what you are doing to that 8 week old kitten !

Even at 4 months of age - a kitten is only the emotional equivalent of an 8 year old child. Now that child should have some life experience in basic manners, right , wrong, potty habits and eating - but lets face it - even 8 year olds need to be reminded and corrected, and so does your kitten. But the basics are now in place.

chart copied from http://icatcare.org/advice/how-guides/how-tell-your-cat%E2%80%99s-age-human-years

 Below is a super detailed article about development, and the young kitten. I would encourage everyone to read through it.