Sunday, July 31, 2016

Siberian Health and Longevity

We just wanted to remind everyone that health and longevity are so important when choosing a breeder.  As you can tell from many of our shared blogs - many Kender Siberians live well into their teens at 13/14/15/16/and even 17 years with proper care - love - and feeding.  But none of that would be possible without the proper genetic  health to begin with.

Woody - 17 and still going strong
Lilly 16 age at passing
Bandit 14 age at passing
Shya 15 age at passing
Kisa 15 - and still going strong
Mika -13 and still going strong

That is why we continue to strive for excellence in our pedigrees and breedings. And we are only 1 of 10 catteries in North America  contributing to sharing of that testing information - not only of HCM but also of PKD1, PKD, and PKDef.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Kender Siberian Hits 17 years of age

Just rec'd this today - what a wonderful tribute to our breeding program ! This kitty was born in 199 to our Furtuosity's Illya Veetovich of Kender - and he is 17 years old now !

Woody is an awesome ambassador for the breed and we couldnt be more pleased and proud.

From Woody's family -: Hello Alice!

It's been a long time! Thought you might like to see a pic of Woody (Siberian cat we purchased from Audrey in 1999, she called him Mako, he is descended from Ilya Veetovich & Confetta). Woody is 17, he has had his struggles with seizures and food allergies but he is going strong, still feisty but soooo sweet! That's exactly what our vet keeps saying....amazing! He has used up at least 3 of his 9 lives but keeps on going! He has 4 brothers: Baxter 14 Maine Coon mix, Bug 13 orange short hair, Ziggy & Simon 3 yr old brothers both gray/white short hair. They all have a healthy respect for the old man because if they don't he bites their ears with his 2 remaining teeth. Tail: mat removed. We used to get him shaved with a lion cut every summer but his skin is too frail for that now. Hope all is well, glad to hear you are still breeding Siberians they are the best cats ever!
Carol & Al

Illya - was his father - 

Monday, July 4, 2016

April Update

OMG these photos by Kathleen  of our April are soooooooooooo pretty.... we couldnt be happier with her development and she tells us April is quite the love bug !

She writes -
From Kathleen today - Yesterday she stole the show, I took almost 100 pictures of her...... what a personable kitten. I have to check purses and bags whenever people come to the house, everyone wants her. Thank you for such a awesome baby with a great personality. Randy calls her oink oink, she eats all the time and everytime she hears a dish hit the counter i can count on her being there and telling me she wants something to eat.
my grandkids (2 red head boys) haul her around whereever they go. Aaron calls her dot to dot, because of the 4 dots on her back. Last night when I was cropping photos she laid right on my leg watching the mouse poointer cropping her pictures. I think she liked seeing them too