Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bowie is now a CFA Grand !

Well this weekend was an exciting one for us. At the Glendale CA cat show, Bowie rec'd his final points needed to complete the title of Grand Champion ! We are just thrilled for this amazing handsome young man , just turning 1 year of age - just having his first litter of babies available and now this.

If you are interested in one of Bowies amazing babies - drop us an email at thesiberiancat  @ yahoo. com  They were only just born Oct 14th so still very young but we are taking deposits.  Video is available as well.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

DeGreasing a Cat including your Siberian

Sharing this from another poster - all credit goes to individual companies , and the author.  L Hornburger

One thing I will add is rinse rinse rinse and then rinse again - never ever leave shampoo, degreaser or anything in the coat of your cat - because they WILL lick it and while topical wont harm your kitty some things WILL when ingested. 

Degreasing a Cat

Degreasing is done before shampooing to remove the majority of oils from the coat. There are a number of options available depending on the coat and on personal preference.
1) Dawn dishwashing liquid -- This is cheap and effective for most shorthaired cats, but only seems to work for less oily persians. It works best if thinned slightly and put on a wet coat.
2) Top Performance Degreaser -- This is a bit more, but to me seems to be better for persians. Again, thin and use on a wet coat.
3) Davis Degreaser -- This is a gel degreaser, with no coloring and a pleasant smell. It should NOT be thinned and should be used on a dry coat. One puts it on and then massages it into the hair all the way to the skin. It works best if it stands for a few minutes before wetting the coat. I put it on and then start running the water to the right temperature. It is very effective for most greasy areas on a persian. More expensive than the liquid degreasers and the Groomer's Goop, but not excessively costly if you buy the large jar.
4) Groomer's Goop -- This is a semi-solid degreaser in a tub. It has to me a petrochemical smell which I do not like. It does work and some say it works better than the Davis degreaser, especially on very oily cats. Again, no thinning, work into the coat, let stand for a minute or two. This is cheaper than Davis.
5) Les Pooches F&T -- This is considered the best degreaser by many who show cats. It is expensive and hard to find. And I can't really say much about it as I just broke down and ordered my first bottle of it.
When I degrease a cat, I almost always use Davis first on the chest, behind the ears, the front legs, and maybe the tail, and then Top Performance second, on the entire cat.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Babies ! RESERVE NOW ! Bowie Babies !

We Have Babies ! 

Proud Papa Mr Bowie is tickled to announce his very first babies ! And boy do they look awesome ! We are so excited to present the Ziggy Stardust litter ! 

 Lucy(above) - is a brown mac tabby girl with no white - what a darling little face !
 Ziggy (Ziggy Stardust) & Pierrot  ( Pierrot in Turquoise) are super handsome mac tabby & white boys - 1 blue 1 brown !

 And dont forget about Gunner , short for Running Gun Blues has ALOT of blue on him and some white hidden on those back legs.  What a looker he is !
Born 10/14/2017 to CFA Champion Sineglazka's Modern Love of Kender  (PKD1, Pk Def  N/N ) and 
CFA Ch Kender's Come Along Pond   (PKD1/PKD/PK Def N/N - HCM scanned clear)
Pet homes only will be spayed /neutered prior to being placed at approx 14 weeks of age. 
Inquire today to put a deposit on your own Bowie baby !