Monday, August 30, 2010

Santa Monica Cat Show Results

Well, we are finally back. Wow, for only being a short 6 hr drive from me -it sure took a long long time to get home. Since I  had taken the kids with me to the show - I absolutely without fail had to get back home in time for them to get to school on Monday., We left the show hall around 6pm and after stopping for fuel 1 more time - and a brief dinner (not sure McDonald's drive through counts as food or dinner). We were on our way around almost 7.  But we made it.

Nice hall - great set-up and loads of vendors.  The 8yr old alter Cornish Rex we took for a friend of ours made her Grand Premier at this show and thereby allowed her dam to (who is deceased) to become a DM ! How awesome is that?

And our own Alter boy Kender's Run Out The Guns did spectacular ! He finaled in 6 out of 8 rings garnering a total of 47 Grand Premier Points! As Premiers only (I say only but in Premiers it can be very tough) 75 points to Grand - he is almost 2/3 of the way there in just 1 VERY TOUGH show!.  There were 57 alters total entered. So we are just tickled pink about our young boy - who by the way if full litter mate to the lovely Anna whose pictures were posted in an earlier blog.

And of course I didn't remember to bring the camera so I didn't get any pictures from the show.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kender's Show Schedule

Thought I would mention our planned shows.Come visit us at one.

Aug 28/29 -Santa Monica

Sept 11/12 - planning a show , just haven't decided which one!

Sept 18/19 - Prescott for the AKC Dog Shows! Come see out German Shepherds

Sept 25/26 - possibly Denver (still deciding)

Kender's Anna Maria

taken by Richard of Chanon at the July 3rd Phoenix show.
Anna is the youngest Siberian Female to grand at just 10 months of age.
She was #10 CFA Siberian Premier for the 2009/2010 show season with just 1 single show! Finaling as an open at the last show of the season! 

She now lives with a wonderful family in San Diego.

Update on "the Boys"

Well the boys have been officially renamed - in part, thanks to the silver mac's new owner naming him Phoenix. He will be going to a wonderful exhibitor/breeder home in GA. One we have successfully worked with in the past. We are just tickled pink they like him enough to work with us again.

The other boy is either a highly tarnished silver or a highly silvered brown mac tabby - and is still available at this time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Two Brothers

Please welcome the 2 brothers - who right now have tentatively been nicknamed Walt & Roy - after my first love All Things Disney!
Born 7/25 - 16 days old today.

Both boys will be made available to good homes - so reserve early! There is only 2! Breeder inquiries will be welcomed as well. 1 boy is a silver mac , the other a brown (with silver leanings) mac.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Food & Feeding

One of the most often asked questions is what do I feed and how often. So I thought I would talk about it here.
Kender Siberians has dry Royal Canin kitten mixed with dry Royal Canin Special available and out 24/7. On occasion we mix in dry CORE or B.G. (before grains). This not only offers a bit of variety in nutrition but in kibble size and shape as well. Now 2 to 3 times daily we offer a raw meat mix that we make ourselves. Using 1lb ground Turkey, 1 lb ground bison/buffalo and 1 lb ground beef and mixing in 3 tsp. of the Nu-Vet powdered vitamin supplement.  There are other vitamin supplements available - this is the one we have chosen with what we feel is the best results. And additionally 1 times a day we make wet/canned available typically either Tiki Cat, Wellness or Royal Canin's new canned products.Whew - yes we spend a lot of time feeding our cats!

Why you may ask would we spend so much time and variation when dry food in a bowl seems so darned convenient and easy. Well the answer is simple  cats being strict carnivores eat anywhere from 12 to 20 individual times a day. They are "regular" eaters - rather than and unlike dogs who are much more on the scavenging end. And unlike dogs - who derive a sense of self from their pack including their eating order cats derive no social value from their meal.  Dogs develop from the time they are puppies, a sense of their rank within their pack, partially from their eating order. Cats have no social structure that is derived from or dependant on others within the house.

All of a cats emotional and instinctual needs must be met for a cat to be truly happy. And in today's world of stress, noise and homes with more and more built ins and fewer places to isolate themselves to - a cats stress level can be so high they may develop inappropriate oral behavior patterns. These can include constant grooming, overeating, crying , sucking behaviors and/or chewing. Just like their outdoor cousins, cats have a minimum need for space to feel safe and secure. So while we may feed 4 separate times daily - only a few cats may show up to each feeding. Each having their own unique preferences and habits. It is in effect accommodating their innate need for space, social interaction and  individual preferences while respecting their need to fulfill their prey instincts and providing absolutely the best nutrition.

Another thing to consider when feeding cats is that while humans have around 9000 taste buds and dogs around 1600 - cats only have about 500 . And these like in all mammals die and decrease with age. So an older cat may have a much more difficult time even perceiving what you are offering as food if it doesn't fall within the cats normal range of accepted and desired tasted. Or if a kiity has a stuffed up nose from an upper respiratory they may again, refuse all food because they are not able to perceive it as such.

And while not specifically mentioned I hope it is understood that fresh water must be made available at all times. I highly recommend a pet fountain. This continually circulates the water giving it a cool clean crisp taste while not allowing bacteria to build up in a bowl (or at least not as easily).  If you can not or do not want to use a pet fountain then we only recommend glass or metal bowls that can be easily and readily sanitized without absorbing the chemicals or bacteria that plastic bowls do.

In a smaller household with only a cat or 2 a small fountain is easily maintained. In a larger household it is almost a must - however a word of caution don't let the well run too low or you risk blowing out/burning up the little pump inside.