Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Congrats to our Winners!

Normally I share information about our Kender Siberians - but today I wanted to share proud mommy moment about our family.

Our sons both particiapte in the CFA Junior Showmanship program. and as such earn points throughout the year/season by doing things such s stewarding at cat shows - exhibiting their own cats at cat shows  as well as outside the fancy by helping at our vet's office learning about spaying and neutering. 

Ethan this year was 2nd Best in his Division in the SW region  and Connor this year was Best in his Division in the SW Region as well as 3rd Best Nationally in his division ! 

Woo Hoo Way To Go Boys ! 
Proud Mommy Moment !

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cat Feeding

We are sharing our feeding program with all of you. Remember when you get a kitty from us - you agree to feed similarly to the way we do , by acknowledgment in your contact.

We would just like to remind everyone - that we recommend RAW for any cat out there , be it one of our Kender Siberians or a happy Moggie off the streets. Cats are obligate carnivores and ONLY obligate carnivoreshttp://veterinarycalendar.dvm360.com/cats-obligate-carnivore-proceedings

We feed and personally use/recommend BLue Ridge Beef Kitten Mix Blue Ridge Beef Kitten Mix

To this we faithfully use/add in Nu Vet vitamin supplement it is simply the freshest , most complete , most palatable supplement we have found on the market to date.( http://www.nuvet.com/25168)
Yes - we do offer the dry grain free kibble Earth Born Holistic in the orange bag . Yes it is the only brand we have recommended for close to 7 years. NO it is NOT the staple of our cats diet , nor should it be!

If you dont feed a species appropriate diet - then why are you surprised when illness rears its ugly head.

There are many multiple sources for making a homemade raw diet as well.
These are just a few - always do your own research.  http://www.catnutrition.org/recipes.html

Quick Kender Family Updates

Just wanted to share some lovely photos and news from this week and weekend.

First is Rubi - who has found her forever home with Greg & Gina , of AZ. They already have 2 Kender Kitties from me over the years along with a rescue kitty - and now have added Miss Rubi. She is fitting in great they say !

Next we have Mio & Song in Hong Kong - who were busy showing off the Siberian Breed and style at the Hong Kong Pet Expo at the COnvention Center this weekend with their lovely family Jackie and helpers ! 
 For such a big show - they looked great , and very relaxed.
Go here https://www.facebook.com/1606448452905195/videos/1747184625498243/
to see the video taken of the live presentation on the stage , using Mio !