Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hawaii LItter Gets a Pro Photo Shoot

So we decided to show 1/2 of the Hawaii litter at the CA , CFA show. Boy did they ham it up and show very very well.  Marilyn even made a 9th Best Kitten Final.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Maui Update From Texas

I just got a wonderful Thanksgiving gift... notes and pictures like this truly make it all that and more for me.

This is Maui and her wonderful new family in Texas.

Hi Alice! Thanks for the email! She is doing great. Sleeping is def not a problem lol which is great- she adjusted quickly and found her little sleeping spots all over!
We let her out around Charlie finally and they really bonded so now they sleep together! We love having her and spoil her rotten ❤️ we will keep you updated!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

14 Years Strong

our beautiful Kisa is living the good life and always has since she was a kitten with Debbie in San Diego.  14 years !  We are so happy and thrilled for her family and ours.

RAndom Kender Kitty PIctures

These are some random Kender Siberian Kitty pictures shared with us through facebook and email. And we cant thank our Kender Families enough for being the loving safe wonderful homes they are.

Kender in Utah

Kender in AZ
Kender in Hong Kong, China

Kender in CA

Kender in Arkansas

I know we left out alot ! We are very blessed.

Tasha Turns 2

forgot to share this last month - what a great collage. Miss Tasha is littermate to our Amy , and lives with her nephew Alfie as well.   Thanks Dan & Stephanie for being such phenomenal Kender parents!

Pretty Girl

 This is Kender's Iron Butterfly   a lovely blue silver classic tabby girl - bred by us , co owned with Dennette P. and Iris Z.
 All photo credits to the photographer.  Lovely job they did.

Bella , Siberian at age 9

Miss Bella - CFA Grand , HCM clear at age 8 ! PKD Neg , PKD1 Neg, PK Def Neg
Enjoying being the queen of her new home. Amanda - one of the receptionists/techs at my Vet's fell in love and its easy to see why ! I think it was mutual.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hawaii Litter Settles In

Hawaii Litter Settles in -
and we just got this from Lili in Flagstaff! from the most recent HAwaii litter

Hi Alice,
I assume you miss Lili. So here is she enjoying here tree. She is doing great. Such a wonderful little thing.
I also would like to know when should i take her to the vet for the next vaccinations.

Thank you