Friday, June 17, 2011

Pet Airways

For those who might be interested , there is a new airlines available geared specifically to pets! It is called Pet Airways . And since we here at Kender Siberians are located in AZ which is one of their stops - this could be a way for new pet owners to look at flying to pick up there beloved new kitty companion!

The Pet Only Airline. Pet travel in the main cabin, NOT in cargo!

Book online or call 1-888-PET-AIRWAYS

Monday, June 6, 2011

Handsome in Blue

 These 2 handsome kitties are staying with us for another week or so , while their families are on vacation. The above kitty is "the brother" a sweet and young boy no name as determined yet by the family. And below is Gidget!  Pretty girl just waiting to snuggle with her new family.

New Raw Diet

We have been trying a new raw diet. And the kitties seem to love it! Lining up for it - begging for it and even stealing !  The raw diet is made by Blue Ridge Beef . And the formula we are using is the Kitten Mix  and of course still mixing in the Nu Vet  powder