Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Chanon just does the most wonderful pictures. This is Shelly otherwise known as CFA Ch Kender's It Can't Rain All The Time ,HCM clear.

San Diego Show

We are back from the biggest cat show in the West Coast in CFA for the year.  We are tired, kitties are tired, kids were actually sleeping in the car!

We had a great show, met many wonderful people.  Our Premiers all did very well. Solo made 2 finals, Rose made a final and can you believe it? little Ruby , just 11 months of age co-owned with our good friends Steve and Bea , at her first show as a baby open made a stunning 5 Best of Breeds and 3 finals.

One of our 2 blue classic girls, went to a really wonderful home their locally and already have some wonderful feedback from our new Kender family member Stephanie.

Here is the video the club puts out after teh show - if you look quickly , you can see Solo our blue premeir boy at the 1.51 mark


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Meet & Greet

For Those of you who are interested , we are setting up a Meet & Greet for Tuesday evening 5 to 7pm in the west valley.

We currently have 2 retired adults available. 1 Spayed female 2 1/2 yrs of age silver tabby & white and a Neutered Male 3 1/2 years of age.

And 2 Blue Classic Tabby females , just turning 8 months of age. These girls still need to be spayed so will NOT be leaving us until after this has been completed and they are sufficiently recovered. But you can still meet them ahead of time and put a deposit down if it looks to be a good match.

Email us directly for more information, pictures and directions. We try to schedule everyone out a bit , so everyone has personal attention.  Thanks And hope to see you there!

Just in , from FB - one of our Kender Kitty families -  Alice, your kitties are the best!! We couldn't be happier with our little "Monster" cat. She will be four years old in June and we can not picture our lives without her. She is a wonderful companion, acomplice, snuggler, joker, and overall friend. Over the last three and a half years we've had her, she has been nothing short of amazing. My husband Alan (who has been deathly allergic to cats in the past) has had NO problems with her, and has grown to really be a "cat person"... which is good because Monster loves to sleep next to his face all night long.
Should any prosepctive clients of yours have any questions for a person who got a kitten from you, we woudld be happy to speak to them about how AMAZING our experience with a Kender Siberian cat has been!! Thank you again! The Donovans

For all of you who still need to understand how rescue retail works..... and it is NOT good.

Excellent concise presentation given by a veterinary diplomat.  This is not a newt hing, this is not a good thing. The Animal Rights Extremists are out for 1 thing and 1 thing only - the complete and utter annihilation of your rights to choose what kind of pet you can have or want and where you can get a pet from. Period.

Published on Aug 13, 2014
Dr. Arnold L. Goldman, DVM, MS, MPH
Update on US Dog Trafficking

Microchips and Privacy - the 2 do NOT go hand in hand!


Please follow the link and read the article and understand the "big business" that is involved and as always - FOLLOW THE MONEY!