Monday, July 22, 2013

Blue Kittens Video

Here's a couple of brief video's of the 2 blue tabby & white babies - born 5/15 top one is the male bottom one is hte female. Sorry about the soundtrack in the background we were watching Disney's Hocus Pocus.

Remember both are still available to reserve. $450 deposit applied to the total, balance due prior to shipping or at delivery if local.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Blue Crew 1 Update

This litter born 5/16 These 2 are available to reserve 1 Male 1 Female. are left. 
This is the super pretty girl

This is the boy what an intense look

The Male is on the left 
and the girl is on the right in these 2 photos

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pretty Pretty

We just received our National Awards from CFA today. Thank you to our friends at Judo & Featherland catteries for helping pick this up and  our friends at Softraxx for bringing them home!  The first picture is of RW GC Kender's Toujour's Pur , 2nd Best of Breed in CFA for 2012-2013

The next set of pictures is our youngest son getting his National Award as well. we'd like to thank Royal Canin for helping sponsor this program and award. Our youngest was 3rd Best in CFA in his age group in Junior Showmanship.


Thought we would share some pictures of our handsome young man Sheldon - Judo's Heavy Metal of Kender.  He will be leaving us shortly for an exciting adventure but SHHHHHHHHHHHH...... Its a secret.

 PKD1 Neg, PK Neg
 Not really sure who is playing, our son or Sheldon!

Well okay , now I am sure, Sheldon is playing!

New Testing

We here at Kender have always tried to be pro active in the health of our cats. We feed a meat based diet - not grain.  We use filtered, but not distilled water.  We use enrichment toys (other than 2 young boys running around the house) such as scratching tubes, posts, tunnels, puzzle's, DVD's , and of course good ole human interaction on a daily basis.  But more than that we test our kitties. when you see an ad for a cat - any cat, what does it say? Felv/FIV free? Okay that's good  that's a start - but that is ONLY a start. That is NOT the do all and end all.   Every cat who comes from a showing cattery , or a purposeful bred situation darn well better be Felv/FIV free! That's just common sense!   But there are other things as well. Some of the testing that can be done and should be done is HCM Ultrasound on cats over a year of age - and then DONE AGAIN on a regular basis until they are over 5 (some vets prefer 7) years of age! ANY cat can get HCM. It is not breed or gender specific. But it can be scanned for and if found, that animal can and should be eliminated from your gene pool.

Another test you can do through a simple cheek swab is for PKD1 . Now in theory no Siberian cat should EVER test positive for this form of the disease PKD. Why you ask? Simple - PKD1 is completely a dominant gene found in Persians and their respective offshoot breeds - Exotics, British Shorthairs and even some American Shorthairs, and some Scottish Folds ( So Yes we do test for it.  It gives our kitten families peace of mind - and it gives the other breeders we work with peace of mind as well. And while your specific kitten might NOT be tested for it - be assured their parents have been.

A relatively new test to the scene is for PK ( Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency). Just available since 2012.   Simply put this is an inherited anemia.  38 individual breeds were researched and the Siberian along with 10 other unrelated breeds, were found to carry it. So now we test. Its just that simple - we are slowly going thru our cattery and testing each individual cat we are using in breeding, or those we are placing into breeding situations.  And so far to date - every single cat we have tested , has tested 
N/N no copies of PK deficiency, cat is normal - 

We hope when deciding whom to purchase a kitten from - you ask these simple questions
  1. Are the parents registered AND titled?
  2. What kind of environment do these kittens come from and have they been properly socialized?
3. What vaccines and preventatives have these kittens received?
4. What kind of testing has been done on the parents and can we see proof?

No animal is perfect. YES every single animal will get sick at some point in time. These are NOT cookie cutter's. But my job, is to know my breed, know my cats and do the best I can.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Bit of Flea Knowledge

As many of you know, with summer often times comes the pests.  Here are a few suggestions on how best to deal with them whether you have 1 pet or many.

Products we use and recommend are:
 1) Dawn Dish Soap - yep that's right good ole Dawn. Completely safe and non toxic Dawn is used for a variety of reasons including safely ridding wildlife of grease/grime and oil after oil spills! Fleas dont stand a chance.  Follow this link  for how to bath your pet

2) Program by Novartis - is an over the counter medication you can get in either tablet or liquid. WONDERFUL stuff. most cats I have found readily eat it when mixed into a moist/canned food or even raw meat.   The absolutely MOST interesting thing about this product is that it has a wonderful side affect to prevent and cure RINGWORM! So for those cats or catteries with this problem - I would HIGHLY recommend giving this a try. It is relatively inexpensive (compared to all the caustic dips, shaving etc)

3)Revolution by Pfizer - is a prescription medication you can get a written script from your vet and then order it from online (much cheaper) This is an amazing product as well and one we use here in our own cattery regualrly. It not only prevents fleas, flea eggs but ticks, heartworm and several types of internal parasites as well as ear mites! It is wonderful!

 But dont forget, if you already HAVE fleas treating the pets in the house is only 1/2 the solution! Here's a good article by  Texas A&M
Many people recommend Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and if you only have a few of the pests might be a good enough solution. But all bedding , carpets and even human things such as OUR bedding, couches etc must all be considered and treated.

Shiny Litter

This amazing litter is - well - amazing! Born 6/30 , there are 3 babies in this litter 1 blue & white boy , 1 blue & white girl and 1 brown mac and white boy.

Look at all that WHITE! NO we do not have solid white Siberians - we do not believe a solid white Siberian is correct to the breed even though they are an accepted color.

we have tentatively named this boy Kender's Butterfly Kisses - to us it looks like he has angel wings on his shoulders and a heart on his butt!

And this special boy is the brown tabby and white guy - but from this angle/picture it is amazingly hard to tell

And here they are just 10 days old!

Peek  A Boo! I see you!

All 3 of their pretty little faces

Guess what - this boy already has a home waiting for him  One of our Kender families is making room and adding one more, once he gets old enough to be neutered We couldn't be more thrilled - Congratulations Diane!

Blue Crew Update

Well it seems our handsome young lad - just 8 weeks old here - is going to a wonderful friend of ours in Florida. She will be beginning his show career as he matures out - we can't wait for him to get out there and strut his stuff!

The young lady pictured BELOW is still available to reserve. A beautiful Blue Mac & white baby - a RW GC Draco Baby. Inquire now she is sure to be snatched up soon!