Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just Fascinated

Young Zin, our cream tabby boy is just fascinated with our sons race car track.

Captain Jack Enjoys Christmas Dinner

Yes, that is indeed Captain Jack enjoying Christmas dinner - of Prime Rib off a fork at the table. Sheesh!

Tonks' Grand Pictures

Here are the pictures of Miss Tonks on her Grand winning day, taken by Chanon at the show. As always he does a fantastic job - and she looks just marvelous!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Grand Day

Well Miss Tonks finally did it. After just a very short 3 months of shows (taking most of October off!) She took her final point needed to attain her CFA GRAND Champion title today at the Phoenix Christmas show. What an awesome accomplishment. Just 2 weeks after turning a year old. In such a male dominated breed, that is quite the feat.

Big sister Bella is all a dither.

But not to be outdone by her dad, Bear. I was told that today as well - Bear made his TICA SUPREME Grand ! That makes him just 1 of 3 Siberians in the country to have attained a CFA Grand AND a TICA Supreme. Wow! Holy Cow ! What a Family!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Kitties

Well , we are trying to decorate around here for the Christmas Season - but a few of our feline's seem to have ideas all their own about helping and just what it means.

Tonks is Almost There!

Well Miss Tonks turned a year on November 28th - and celebrated with "almost" a bang. She now has officially 199 Grand points in CFA! We are so proud of our young girl and look forward to showing her on to her Grand ! Wish Us Luck !