Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bella & Magic

This is Magic. She will be retiring and finding a new forever home shortly. Inquiries being taken now - she is just 15 months old.

Bella - my CFA Grand Kender's Faithful Servant has already fo9und a great forever home and will be traveling there shortly.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Health Information

Just some quick links - references and updates.

In reference to Thyroid esp. in older cats.  It is a really really good read - and you should especially note!!!! That a Rabies Vaccine given within the last 45 days can artificially raise a TgAA test by as much as 25% giving you a false positive on a thyroid level function!  (reference information link

The article is written by one of the worlds leading veterinary experts Dr. Jean Dodds

The other thing I would always recommend you read up on and learn as much as you can about is pet foods. As many of you know we make our own Raw Meat mix here - and feed it daily. And while dry foods are available at all times - we heartily believe in feeding raw and its benefits.