Saturday, September 30, 2017

LItterMate Update - Molly and Percy

Molly and Mr Percy, littermates, are enjoying life and living well. And thats what it is all about Thank you Jeff & family for sharing these candid photos of our Kender Granduates

I think Mr Percy could use a few more manners but all is fair in love and food, LOL

Monday, September 25, 2017

Felv and Immunosuppression

As many people are aware - we do NOT support the Felv vaccine and in fact, have it in our contract that if you choose to vaccinate with it, you are not covered by us. You initial to this effect and understanding.

And here is why -  Felv vaccination causes such severe immunosuppresion through a very specific  envelope protein as to permit  virus mutation/propogation. And what virus mutates most frequently - Cancer and FIP ! the 2 most deadly disease's in cats.

Here is the original document.    
This article produced in 2014 again proves the immunosuppressive levels of the Felv vaccine.

Even Pet Web MD claims that -"" Vaccination with FeLV or rabies vaccine appears the be the underlying cause of this type of sarcoma. In fact, risk of sarcoma formation following a single injectable vaccination in the neck-shoulder region is 50 percent higher than for cats not receiving a vaccination. Moreover, the risk of developing the tumors may increase with the frequency and number of vaccinations given. In one study, cats given two vaccinations at the same site is 127 percent more likely to develop tumors than those not receiving vaccinations, and those with three or four vaccines at the same site were more than one and a half more likely (175 percent higher).""
Source -

In this case a best defense is a great offense - always Felv/Fiv test any new cat coming into the home before they come into contact with your current kitties. Make sure your current kitties have been tested and are Negative - if you dont know their status , FIND OUT.  

Keeping your kitty indoors only , parasite free and with minimal contact with unknown animals is the best defense once you are an Felv/FIV negative house. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Inside mean Inside

Once again , I am sharing this with you. Our Siberians only leave us on contract and to indoor only homes. Period. No means no. DO NOT ask us to make an exception, or what if, or maybe , or he cries or he stays on the porch , or he is only in the backyard.


This photo was taken this month - September 2017 from Mesa AZ.   If you still think its "ok" under any set of circumstances to let your kitty out of doors. Do us all a favor and dont get a kitty.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Male Siberian Kitten

Just adorable , sweet and quite the talented toy destroyer, Yondu is available to reserve - blue tabby & white boy will be neutered. Born June 24, 2017