Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Lovely Home Sharing

And here's another lovely letter we got this week. Just makes me so proud and happy.

Hi Alice, how are you?
First a little update – Arthur (or Ari as we call him) is the sweetest cat! We are a very happy family J we couldn’t ask for more! I’ve attached photos so he can say hi 

1 is NEVER enough

Love Love Love getting these types of emails.
 Hi Alice,

Gina and I thought you'd like to know how the boys are doing.  We renamed Regulas as Ivan and after a two week "Honeymoon" he and Boris are now officially best buddies.  We're so pleased that Boris has a playmate now.  As you know, he had too much energy for our tortie point himmy but he and Ivan seem to match up just right.  Fortunately Ivan is BIG, at 10 months he's a bit bigger than Boris at 20 months so even tho Boris thinks he's in charge the wrestling matches are pretty much even.  Also Montana Boris is doing great with my sister up north.  They couldn't be more pleased.

Thought you might want to see some pics. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fred & George, Placed

Both our red mac tabby boys, Fred & George are being made available. Born 4/21 Inquiries welcome. will be neutered on Aug. 10th. Ready soon after. Deposits being taken. ALso 2 adult females, both under 2 years of age spayed, ready for forever homes!