Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Derby Day Updates

Minny Me?

Yes Mom, they are fine, its just picture time ! LOLNothing like being photo bombed by your own mother !

Notice the odd eyes? 1 green eye and 1 blue eye !

Feline Seizures

Good Article out of Germany


Below - is the Google Translation   (please note I do not own any of this material - I am just sharing it, in its entirety for informational purposes)

: spasm at high tonesResearchers reports on noise induced convulsions in cats afterEnigmatic seizures: The crackling of aluminum foil or plastic bags is enough to let fall some cats stiff. Because they react to certain sounds with seizures. After reports accumulated over such incidents, British researchers have followed this enigmatic phenomenon. It turned out that older cats can develop a so-called audiogenic epilepsy actually - but there is a remedy.It is also called the "Tom and Jerry Syndrome", after the cartoon cat Tom, often together scares in sound. But for many cat owners the seizures of their favorites are not a reason to laugh. Because as soon as her cat listens certain sounds, it behaves strangely: It acts as a temporary passed out or even get a kind of seizure. A visit to the vet gives but then nothing but the information that the cat is completely healthy.
The problem: Even with veterinarians this syndrome was not known because not formally described. Most vets therefore not even believe that really a sound can trigger these seizures in cats, as Mark Lowrie of Davies Veterinary Specialists and his colleagues report. To look into the matter, they have gathered and analyzed 95 cases of such noise-related seizures. In addition to interviews with the owners they also examined the cats themselves and tested whether an inserted antiepileptic drug can prevent seizures.
Seizures are epilepsy variantIt turned out that it concerns with the enigmatic seizures actually a type of epilepsy that the researchers describe as Feline Audiogenic Reflex Seizures (FARS). This syndrome develops mainly in older cats in the study, seizures marked by absence seizures, convulsions or spasms real began mostly at an average age of around 15 years.
Birman cats seem affected slightly more often
© Mark Lowrie, Laurent Garosi and Robert Harvey ZoomMale and female animals are equally affected by these attacks, the race plays with one exception, no matter how the researchers report: In Burma-cat this syndrome is slightly more common. Striking also: Around half of the affected cats had hearing problems or was deaf. "That suffer deaf cats audiogenic seizures, initially appears paradoxical," says Lowrie. But it is very likely that these cats although not many deeper everyday sounds perceive, but probably even higher frequencies.
High notes as triggers"The noise charge to trigger the seizures are higher tones, often not very loud," said Lowrie and his colleagues. But hold on to the sounds and louder, this may increase the severity of the attack. In 82 of 96 cats a typical trigger metal spoon was the crackle of aluminum foil, the sound of the feed pan (79 cats) or a glass of beating (72 cats). But even the crackling of plastic bags and even the quiet typing on a computer keyboard handed in some animals to trigger epileptic seizures.
But why? What makes these noises so special? As the researchers explain, cats have an upwardly much larger listening area than humans, they listen to the ultrasound into it. "Everyday sounds with a high proportion of ultrasonic frequencies like paper rustling or crackling seem harmless, but sound much more frightening for cats, because they are sensitive to these high frequencies," said Lowrie and his colleagues.
Epilepsy means also helps the catsThe investigation also revealed the seizures over time does not seem to worsen at the cat, in some they let even with the post again. Most cat owners reported also that their cats do not seem to suffer. However: After about two years with bouts worsened in about half of the cats the condition. They responded less to its owner, jumped and hardly decreased. Whether this, however, is related to the epilepsy, or just normal aging, now needs to be further investigated.
As part of their study, the researchers also tested whether a particular epilepsy agent, levetiracetam, against this newfound Cat epilepsy helps. In fact, the results were good: The drug reduced the frequency and severity of audiogenic seizures. "In our experience, it may be a cat even completely get rid of this noise induced seizures," says Lowrie. This now want to test in more detail in a second study, he and his colleagues. (Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, 2015; doi: 10.1177 / 1098612X15582080)

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mus Be Doing Something Right

Well - we just received this email contact today and couldnt be happier to hear our babies are living, long, healthy loved lives.

Dear Alice......remember us?.....parents of Chekov, now 17 years old and doing fairly well. Now we're hoping for a kitten to play with in our old age. Dave has just retired from XXXX after a 27 year career. Call us when time allows.

Cat Food, Pet Food Blue Buffalo

We would like to remind everyone that once again, we do NOT under any circumstances use or recommend the pet food Blue Buffalo - If you are a reader and follower of our blog (first off Thank you) but please remember we first mentioned a potential problem with the food Blue Buffalo Please refer back to our original post from September of 2013 http://kendersiberian.blogspot.com/2013/09/blue-buffalo-foods-not-what-they-are.html   Then again to our December  2014 post regarding the pending multiple lawsuits against the company for their false ingredients claims. http://kendersiberian.blogspot.com/2013/09/blue-buffalo-foods-not-what-they-are.html

We have continued to follow this story - as they claim to be a high quality food -but  has admitted in federal court that a "substantial" and "material" portion of its pet food contained poultry byproduct meal, according to a release distributed by Nestlé Purina, which sued Blue Buffalo a year ago for false advertising.  See the full article here - http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/blue-buffalo-admits-its-pet-food-contained-byproducts?rel=canonical

Please dont be fooled by cute and appealing advertising. Cats are carnivores plain and simple - obligate carnivores . That means they MUST eat meat, not should , not do better if, but MUST plain and simple.  If you are not feeding your cat at the very least a partial raw meat diet - you are not feeding him properly.  http://feline-nutrition.org/answers/answers-what-exactly-is-an-qobligate-carnivoreq

Meet N Greet Success

Thank you to everyone who came out today - we had a lovely and busy, Meet N Greet today with Amy N and family  visiting, Diane R. visiting,  Ashley H visiting, Amy M and family visiting and allergy testing - and Kendra & Alex visiting and picking up their handsome young boy.  It was very busy, met some lovely people and the kitties are very tired out !

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Derby Day Litter Updates

Here are just some cute and random pictures from our Derby Day litter, born (well obviously) on May 2nd. The only baby left to reserve is the brown mac tabby and white boy. Inquire today he wont be around long !!!.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

HeartWorm Heads Up

Heads Up - one of the things we use regularly here is Revolution. This is a multi use product that protects your kitty from fleas, ticks, ear mites, roundworms and HEARTWORMS! Please consider a similar product !

 We just got notification from one of our kitty families, that their now almost 6 year old kitty - has tested positive for heart worms, and they live in Southern California. Please give warm and loving thoughts to Aslan and his family.


Watch Rex, Outspoken advoCAT for REVOLUTION

Learn why REVOLUTION® (selamectin) is the most complete protection from fleas, heartworms, roundworms,* hookworms and ear mites.