Saturday, October 14, 2017

New Babies ! RESERVE NOW ! Bowie Babies !

We Have Babies ! 

Proud Papa Mr Bowie is tickled to announce his very first babies ! And boy do they look awesome ! We are so excited to present the Ziggy Stardust litter ! 

 Lucy(above) - is a brown mac tabby girl with no white - what a darling little face !
 Ziggy (Ziggy Stardust) & Pierrot  ( Pierrot in Turquoise) are super handsome mac tabby & white boys - 1 blue 1 brown !

 And dont forget about Gunner , short for Running Gun Blues has ALOT of blue on him and some white hidden on those back legs.  What a looker he is !
Born 10/14/2017 to CFA Champion Sineglazka's Modern Love of Kender  (PKD1, Pk Def  N/N ) and 
CFA Ch Kender's Come Along Pond   (PKD1/PKD/PK Def N/N - HCM scanned clear)
Pet homes only will be spayed /neutered prior to being placed at approx 14 weeks of age. 
Inquire today to put a deposit on your own Bowie baby ! 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

LItterMate Update - Molly and Percy

Molly and Mr Percy, littermates, are enjoying life and living well. And thats what it is all about Thank you Jeff & family for sharing these candid photos of our Kender Granduates

I think Mr Percy could use a few more manners but all is fair in love and food, LOL

Monday, September 25, 2017

Felv and Immunosuppression

As many people are aware - we do NOT support the Felv vaccine and in fact, have it in our contract that if you choose to vaccinate with it, you are not covered by us. You initial to this effect and understanding.

And here is why -  Felv vaccination causes such severe immunosuppresion through a very specific  envelope protein as to permit  virus mutation/propogation. And what virus mutates most frequently - Cancer and FIP ! the 2 most deadly disease's in cats.

Here is the original document.    
This article produced in 2014 again proves the immunosuppressive levels of the Felv vaccine.

Even Pet Web MD claims that -"" Vaccination with FeLV or rabies vaccine appears the be the underlying cause of this type of sarcoma. In fact, risk of sarcoma formation following a single injectable vaccination in the neck-shoulder region is 50 percent higher than for cats not receiving a vaccination. Moreover, the risk of developing the tumors may increase with the frequency and number of vaccinations given. In one study, cats given two vaccinations at the same site is 127 percent more likely to develop tumors than those not receiving vaccinations, and those with three or four vaccines at the same site were more than one and a half more likely (175 percent higher).""
Source -

In this case a best defense is a great offense - always Felv/Fiv test any new cat coming into the home before they come into contact with your current kitties. Make sure your current kitties have been tested and are Negative - if you dont know their status , FIND OUT.  

Keeping your kitty indoors only , parasite free and with minimal contact with unknown animals is the best defense once you are an Felv/FIV negative house. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Inside mean Inside

Once again , I am sharing this with you. Our Siberians only leave us on contract and to indoor only homes. Period. No means no. DO NOT ask us to make an exception, or what if, or maybe , or he cries or he stays on the porch , or he is only in the backyard.


This photo was taken this month - September 2017 from Mesa AZ.   If you still think its "ok" under any set of circumstances to let your kitty out of doors. Do us all a favor and dont get a kitty.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Male Siberian Kitten

Just adorable , sweet and quite the talented toy destroyer, Yondu is available to reserve - blue tabby & white boy will be neutered. Born June 24, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

Proud Kitten Collaberation

We are very pleased to announce a new litter of Siberian babies.  Proud momma is our own CFA Champion Kender's Lady Sherade HCM clear, PKD, PKD1, PK Def normal negative
And proud papa - is the now super FAMOUS CFA Grand , Breed Winning, Regional Winning and MOVIE STAR "JEAN" - aka Jean of Sineglazka
These precious babies , born July 24, 2017 are sure to please.
4 Brown mackeral tabby & white BOYS are being made available - please contact the breeder directly for more information or to reserve your future star !

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Siberian Kitten Available

Hunter is a silver mac tabby & white
 neutered male kitten available now to a purrfect forever home.   Remember I said forever - not an "until" home , not a "how can I return him when he is no longer convenient" ,  not an until the kids go to college home or until I have to move home. He is a forever cat - and if you arent a forever home - you dont need to ask about him , he isnt for you.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dr. Becker: Are Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?

Please take the few minutes you need , to see this video - I ahve listed 2 soucres. It is the same video.

Same video can be found here on YouTube as well

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Kender Siberians Grace Yet Another Magazine Cover

I just have to share - we are a "cover kitty" once again ! SO very very proud of Jackie Tang for taking such amazing care and dedication to the Siberians . " Mio" is gracing the cover of China's My Cat Magazine  ! 

He is officially CFA Ch KENDER'S KING ENDYMION OF THE ALKIE  Bred by us , here in the US and owned by Jackie Tang in Hong Kong. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Tidy Cats Breeze System.

Just wanted to share one of the litter systems we like and heartily recommend.

  This is really awesome. It is it's own box - clean and easy. 
* Non- Tracking Pellets.
 *No Dust ! So easier on allergies !
* Never handle wet messes again ! 

I do have to say from experience that stepping on way ward pellets is akin to stepping on your children's Lego's ! OUCH !  So be sure to sweep up as needed.
If you follow the link above - you can even print out a coupon to get you started.  There is a help line for those who might be having a wee bit o trouble transitioning fluffy over.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Somethings Fishy Here - But Maybe it Shouldn't Be!

Many people are still under the impression that feeding fish  is somehow not only necessary but good for your cat.  And while like most things, a small treat now and again is fine - long term feeding of fish is just a big NO No. 

Fish  is touted as a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and that is true. However ! and this is a big however - they are also a great "source" of  toxic metals, industrial chemicals and pesticidesRemember the recent Australian pet food that was recalled just this past May 2017? Well that was for the toxic metal mercury, from their tuna production.(source 2 cited)

And to add injury , well to potential injury -  most fish meal in commercial pet foods contains the potentially deadly preservative ethoxyquin, as well as mycotoxins (source 1 cited)(source 4 cited)

 Toxic preservatives and allergies (including asthma),can be caused by  too much fish in your pet’s diet can over time also creating a thiamine (Vit B1) and vitamin E deficiencies (we will cover this topic later), and health problems associated with too much dietary iodine and magnesium.

Vit B1 , otherwise known as thiamine ,  is a water-soluble vitamin necessary for normal carbohydrate metabolism in cats. Because it is  not stored in the body and therefore quickly depleted when a cat is fed an inadequate diet or goes without food for any period of time. It is, therefore, important to ensure the diet contains adequate amounts of this vitamin.Thiamine deficiency results in serious, potentially life threatening symptoms, many of which are neurological in origin.  These symptoms can include :
  • Ventriflexion (bending towards the floor) or curling of the neck
  • Incoordination
  • Abnormal or spastic gait
  • Circling
  • Falling
  • Head tilt
  • Dilated pupils
  • Opisthotonos (backward arching of the head, neck, and spine)
  • Stupor
  • Seizures
All of these symptoms are seen generally only after long term dietary inefficiencies .  And are often preceded by :
  Excess salivation
   Depressed appetite
    and weight loss

Most vets, in my opinion , would not be looking at these symptoms as anything other than a short lived local cat flu,  believing most commercial cat food to be sufficient in needed enzymes and vitamins. '

But specifically for this article we are talking about fish. And some types of fish - can by themselves cause this deficiency .
 cod, catfish, carp, and herring are just some of the specific types of fish that can result in Vit B deficiencies , and are not recommended to be fed ever to your kitty. (source 3 cited)

Thankfully most of these symptoms if caught and diagnosed in time can be treated if not reversed.

Source 1 -
Source 2 -
Source 2 Cont'd -
Source 3 -
Source 4 -


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Nutrition Key Role To Coat Color

This is an excellent article that once again proves how so very important nutrition , meat , raw meat is to cats. More so than in other species , cats are carnivores - I cant say it , stress it enough. Without raw meat in their diet , they fail to thrive and can end up  much more predisposed to long term conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and thyroid issues. 

Full credit goes to the author , I am simply sharing this information.

This article can be found here - why-is-my-black-cat-turning-reddy-brown



Did you know that black cats can lose their colour and their fur (hair) can turn a reddish-brown if they don’t have enough meat in their diet?
There is a genetic component to having a completely black coat and your cat will need the ‘black cat gene’ to be black all over. In addition, to keep a black coat dark and in ideal condition he or she will also require a good amount of the amino acid Tyrosine. Tyrosine is required for the creation of eumelanin, the pigment that makes your cat’s fur black. A sign of a tyrosine deficiency in cats is discolouration of the coat, turning the fur from black to a rusty reddish/orange colour. It commonly starts with the fur changing colour pigmentation at the tips.
There are other potential reasons that a black cat’s coat may change colour and turn to a red/brown colour. However, most issues for a cat’s coat to change to a ginger-brown colour are still related to a deficiency in tyrosine which is caused by either a lack of animal protein nutrition (meat or fish) in a healthy diet or a problem with the cat metabolising or absorbing tyrosine even if it is readily available.


Tyrosine is an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. There are 20 known amino acids of which 10 are essential for dogs and 11 are essential for cats. Essential in this instance means that they have to be provided in the diet as the dog or cat cannot produce them in the body.
Two of the 20 known amino acids are phenylalanine and tyrosine. Strictly speaking, cats only need phenylalanine in the diet because they can produce tyrosine from this. However, extra dietary sources of tyrosine can be useful for some cats. Both phenylalanine and tyrosine are found in animal products such as meat and fish. Interestingly, rice is one grain that contains good levels of tyrosine but with cats being carnivores and able to digest animal protein more efficiently than carbohydrate, meat or fish are still the best dietary sources.
Tyrosine has many roles in the body including being an important component of neurotransmitters in the brain and thyroid hormones. However, it also helps to produce melanin which is the pigment responsible for hair colour. Therefore, cats with a tyrosine deficiency have difficulty producing melanin which causes a black cat to turn a reddish brown colour (this is also known as “rusting”).
A sign of a tyrosine deficiency in cats is discolouration of the coat, turning the fur from black to a rusty reddish/orange colour. 


Although it’s not common, a deficiency of the mineral copper can cause depigmentation of coloured coats, causing a black cat’s coat to turn a brown colour. This is because copper is required to turn the amino acid tyrosine to the pigment melanin. Copper has many other roles including being a component of several enzymes as well as being necessary for the normal absorption and transport of iron. Dietary sources of copper include liver and some grains, however pet foods are usually supplemented with copper to ensure pets get everything they need.

Certain health conditions that interfere with the metabolism of tyrosine may also cause a black coat to turn brown. For example liver disease. This is because Phenylalanine is converted to tyrosine in the liver. Thyroid and kidney problems have also been implicated as a cause for a change in coat colour.


There are anecdotal reports stating that too much sunshine can turn a black cat brown. However, there does not seem to be any research to back up these claims.


As carnivores, cats must derive their energy and nutrients from a diet exclusively or mainly from animal tissue (meat). Apart from tyrosine, they also require meat as a source of many other essential amino acids including taurine, arginine, cysteine and methionine. If you are concerned that your black cat is turning a reddish brown colour* the first and most simple way to resolve this may be to choose a diet with a higher meat content. Check the back of food packets, pouches and tins and remember - a higher meat content is usually tastier and is more suited to the natural physiology of our feline friends.
*If your cat has a concurrent disease such as liver, kidney or thyroid problems you should discuss any change of diet with your veterinary surgeon before switching to a higher meat diet.


Cats require more dietary phenylalanine or tyrosine for melanin deposition in hair than for maximal growth. J Nutr. 2002 Jul;132(7):2037-42.
What is T4? How is the T4 Test Used to Diagnose Hyperthyroidism in my Cat?
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Linda P. Case, Leighann Daristotle, Michael G. Hayek, Melody Foess Raasch (2011)Canine and Feline Nutrition: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals, 3rd edn., : Mosby.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Toy Review - The ROBO FISH

So I guess these guys have been around a while.  Originally marketed as a childrens toy. We ordered 4 of them  and while they did take a bit of time to arrive ( think 5 weeks ! - so have patience)
And I have to say EVERYBODY in the house LOVED the fishies !
 Everyone had to try to sink to steal the fishies. Super easy to activate - literally you just plop them into the water.

Some even tried trading their toys- for a fishy - nope you dont get away with it mister !

The one downfall  - is the battery life  was REALLY short. for 45 minutes we were enthralled - but then poof - dead batteries. Not sure if this is old stock , got zapped by the AZ heat in transit (always possible) or just a bad batch of batteries. The lovely part is the batteries are entirely replaceable - so once I go to the grocery store we shall have Fishies once again !   Check out our Facebook group to see the video.

I found them well worth the $.   In the mean time you can find the fishies here 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Lovely Kitty Visit

We just came home from visiting our long time friend and kitty show helper Debra B.  She is such a sweet and dear lady.  And we are lucky enough to call her friend and Kender Kitty Mommy. 

She has 4 Kender kitties including CFA Grand Premier Kender's Zima . She helped us out by showing this boy to not only his Grand Premier title , but to a Regional win in CFA in the 2012-13 Show season. 
And from his photos its obvious he has never forgotten he is to be adored by all !  

 Next is Silver , his name makes it kind of obvious - while he was supposed to be the next up and coming star a few years ago - he had other plans. So couch potato for him it was !
 And next we have Kelt. Who was shown a few times got quite a few points but alas decided if his brother could stay home , then too should he be permitted to stay as well. 

And newest to her brood is lovely Ducky - now renamed Kender's Sparrow Hawk. In his first show as a baby kitten, picked up 3 finals and some really nice regional points so we will be furthering his show carrier for a while.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

More From Todays CFA Show

And a huge shout out to Debra B. who once again came out to not only support us but showed her new Kender Kitty Ducky - now renamed to Hawk - aka Kender's Sparrow Hawk. 

Debra has shown 1 of our kitties previously, Grand Premier Kender's Zima , to a regional win in premiers and looks on track to have Hawk have a positive show career as well. She did a great job of presenting him and he took 2 specialty finals and 1 allbreed final in his first baby show.

Today's CFA Southwest Regional Cat Show

We had such a lovely day at today's Southwest Regional CFA show. And want to give a shout out and thank you to all those who came to spend a part of their day with us and our kitties. Kender Kitty family Patricia W with her lovely family, Kender Kitty Family Dan B and his partner Stephanie, and long time Kender Kitty family Sharon Shelton

Friday, June 16, 2017

Available Siberian Kittens

We have recently neutered both of these boys , and are making them available for their furrever homes

Both boys are super sweet, very affectionate , loving and just want to find the purrfect home or homes for them Elvis has even attended one show where we decided he was meant to be a home body , not a show kitty Elvis and Hunter are just he perfect pair.  Both are current on their Rabies so can "travel" if need be or you can meet us at a show.