Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Retired Adult - Kotey

CFA Grand Champion Kender's Surprise Voyager, aka Kotey
 This boy is such a love. Big ole head who gives head but's. Born 05/09 - PKD1 Neg - PK Neg , HCM scanned clear. Neutered. A great cat, would prefer a LOCAL TO AZ home with older children and no dogs. Inquiries Welcome.

Please remember Deli, the blue smoke spayed girl is still available!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brown TAbbies

Had a few questions on my Facebook page recently about colors.  Both of these cats - are female classic (blotched) tabbies.  1 is very very cold in shading the other is very very warm in shading - yet both are brown tabbies. There is such a wonderful wide variety even in cats of the same genetic coloring. And Siberians can change shadings over time to some degree, given if they are whole and breeding or cycling or if they are developing from a kitten to an adult coat.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

History Rewritten

Some amazing research and information has been found due to modern technology. Mainly the ability to scan (digitize)and preserve old newspapers, documents etc.

I would highly recommend reading for all those history buffs - and while it doesn't negate what we know about Heirison Weir and his contributions - it definitely permits us to see there were more people and more cats involved in the development of the modern cat show and registration of the pedigree purebred cat than was once thought.  Enjoy!

Changing History: Exploring the Origins of the Modern Cat Fancy

Friday, February 8, 2013

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Wow - we are almost High Tech! Holy Smokes. Thanks to the kindness and technical know how of Chris Hubbard we now have 2 new QR codes for use on things such as signage, business cards etc! Very Cool Thank you! 1 goes to our website - the other to this blog!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Show Results Del Mar

Here are some pictures of the Siberian Breed Display from the Del Mar (San Diego) cat show last weekend. This was a general breed display we put together, not one representing our own personal cats, so we used pictures from many other breeders  , and in the center, though its hard to see in pictures, was an interactive display using the Cats101 on the Siberian as well as almost 100 stills all woven into a nice video presentation  I wish it had been a larger screen - but it was what it was. The Siberian QR code is a link back to the CFA site on the Siberian. It seemed to be well received and people stopped , watched, read and asked question.  I can't thanks Debbie Chaffee enough for spending all of her Saturday there, helping, answering questions and talking to everyone

 Draco , was quite the hit with his super sweet and winning personality - and he even made 2 finals for us in the show itself! Woo Hoo - way to go team Draco!  And Zima spent all weekend in the Educational booth by Joan Miller. He was quite the handsome charmer as well. And while not in competition , he made a great ambassador kitty.

Retired Adults

Hi All - in the coming months we will be retiring several adults and making them available. The first one we have to offer is Deli - a super cute blue smoke girl, not yet 2 years old. Just got spayed Friday - will be ready for a new home within the coming week. She is on the smaller side and loves to snuggle in bed with you , but also adores the laser pointer. Retired adults are only $450 and as this girl has not even seen her 2nd birthday , she is a genuine treasure. Inquire today. Several boys will be offered shortly. Please keep checking with us. If you have coveted one of our adults in the past - email us! You never know - as we kept several super promising kittens last year to sh ow, it is just "that time" in the cattery.