Friday, August 26, 2016

Baby Updates - updated 9/3

Here's a quick update on the  July 11th litter.. There are 6 babies - 4 girls and 2 boys.

Reservations are as follows -  1st pick Troy (show home) GIRL. Already choosen
2nd pick Diane (show home) BOY Already choosen...
3rd pick Jenn (pet home) gender undetermined
4th pick Bez (pet home) undetermined
5th and final reservation - Paolo & Brian. (pet home) gender undetermined

Our Meet & Greet is scheduled for Sept 10th Saturday evening for making "your" pick.
from 5 to 8 pm.

For families getting a Kender baby - if you have a different name picked out than the ones we are using currently - let us know ! We are happy to start using them here to help make the transition easier.

Right now names are Lili - for Queen Liliuokalani
                                   Lani - meaning Sky
                                    Maui -
                                     Keoni - meaning John
                                    Makana - meaning gift

Sweet Social Siberian Babies

Such sweet fun and social babies !
 Somehow the innocent look leaves me suspicious !
Peek a Boo

Bookends anyone?

Surely a better vantage point.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jully 11th babies

Adding few new pictures of hte babies - so cute . Deposits being taken now for the 3rd and 4th positions.  First 2 picks have already been reserved.

Because clean  laundry baskets make the best kitty forts! 


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kender's Siberian Kittens at the TICA SW Regional Show

little Ashildr was literally 4 months and 4 days at the shows opening -
by the end you would think she was a natural born star. She sure thought
so. She did very well and we look forward to a fruitful show career.
She did exceptionally well taking 4 best of breeds over 2 very much
older kittens as well as 2 All Breed Finals !

Kender's Siberian Kitten Bored at a TICA show

This is what happens by the third day of a very long TICA cat show - Ashildr is making her own entertainment.

Fun & Whimsical Cat Art

Just wanted to share a local (to AZ) artist who is really amazing. While she is not limited to cats in her art - she sure does a beautiful job.  Being not only a cat fan , but a Disney freak - I couldnt resist purchasing this print from her over the weekend.

You can find her on Facebook at  , her name is Paula and she does wonderful work. She is even planning an adult coloring book in the not distant future!  We cant wait !

Cat Ears - Grooming

This was written by a friend - Linda Hornberger , any rights belong solely to her.  This information is shared because I thought it was well written and informative. 

Grooming a Cat -- the Ears (Step 2)

Now that we finished cutting the nails, we move on to the the ears because, in most cases, they don't need much if anything!

First, the anatomy (see diagram). Notice that the part we refer to as "the ear" is not the working part -- it's called a pinna. This flap collects sound and funnels it down the ear canal to the eardrum and the nerves involved with hearing. It's at the bottom of this canal where infections (bacterial and yeast) like to start and which is very hard to see, especially if there is any type of waxy build-up. The flap itself has a limited blood supply as it is basically skin covering cartilage, which is why a cat can have its ears tipped for TNR without too much concern.

So, you carefully hold the cat's head in one hand (usually against my chest), gently pull back the ear, and look in at the bumps and grooves. It should look like the photo -- only a mild trace of wax, if that. (This is a sphynx ear, btw, which is why there is so little hair.) It should not look like the second photo with all the black gunk --- that is from ear mites and needs to be taken care of sooner than later. If the cat has CRF or food allergies, there may be more wax, but not black grainy stuff, because the body will eliminate toxins in any matter possible and that includes via ear wax.

To clean the ears, normally, I just use a make-up pad with no cleaner nor water. Most of my cats don't get a lot of ear gunk, so one or two swipes, and the ear is clean. With my show cats, I will use a q-tip to get every trace of wax out of the visible ear. Notice, I said visible ear. If you look at the diagram, my q-tip NEVER goes into the actual canal. Again, like with trimming claws, if I can't see it, I won't try to clean it.

If the ears are very dirty (not with mites), then I may use a tiny bit of Dr. Roy's Ear Cleaning Solution. It's got rubbing alcohol in it, to help break up the wax, and it's very mild. The directions say to fill the ear canal, squish it around, and then let the cat shake. The cats hate this and I only do this with extreme cases like Spencer who has ear cysts so the wax can't flow out naturally. Normally, I just put a few drops on a make-up pad (yes, I go through a tube of these quite quickly in my house), and then wipe the ear. And clean the wax off of any hair around the ear.

Now for a few DON'Ts:
-- Don't try using water as it will not work to remove wax. You can use baby oil or mineral oil to soften wax, but it will make a mess of the fur around the ear.
-- Don't pluck the hair in the ears! If there is too much hair (or you show certain breeds), trim or shave it.
-- Don't blow into a cat's ear.
-- Don't push a q-tip so deep that you can't see the end of it! Packing wax upto the eardrum is a good way either to perforate the eardrum or get an ear infection going.

On a side note: when I have to take a cat to a local vet for any proceedure involving anesthesia, I make it a point of telling the vet and the vet techs and having it in my folder to never, EVER flush my cats' ears without prior permission. I have a friend whose cat evidentually died because the vet tech used so much pressure when flushing the ear that the eardrum ruptured, the cat got a severe inner ear infection, and died. It might be a "courtesy" they do for free, but they will not do it on my cats. 

So, there, done with the ears in under 10 seconds for most cats. Before moving on to the next step (actually combing the fur), the next installment will be on ear mites, since the topic comes up frequently.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cuteness Overload

.... she is just so darn cute...... I can just hear
                                                                       ................. but mom said to cleanez my feetez........

This precious little girl is one of our July 11th litter - available to reserve!

Another Kender Senior

We are pleased to  share another Kender Senior Siberian kitty. Boris has lived with his family since a baby. He is over 10 years now.

Carol, Boris' has been a Kender family for over a decade now and we a so proud.  She is also the Kender family of the late Bandit(aka Ivan) who lived will into his teens as well.
And she now owns Dakota  to keep  Boris company.