Monday, May 31, 2010

Permanent Identification of our Cats

I have long had the stance that less is more. That we feel the need in general to up and up and up the ante. If clean is good then sanitary must be better - if sanitary is good then sterile must be better. Well now we know that all we are doing is predisposing our bodies to become sicker and more readily sick from this type of behavior. So this leads me to our cats, and permanent identification i.e. micro chipping.  I have long felt that not enough is known about how a cat's body will react. We know that certain vaccines have direct causative links to vaccine site sarcomas (cancer!) hence the very name! We know that the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) discourages all vets from even giving these suspect vaccines unless under very very limited and specific circumstances. So it has stood to reason - in my mind - that once again, less is more.

However I have recently been reading more and more about how effective micro-chipping is esp for cats. And even that  the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) has maintained a database since 1996 with over 4 million animals having been chipped and only 391 total cases of adverse reactions being reported. Now some of those animals did grow tumors. And when these chips were in testing - some of the lab rats and mice also grew tumors. But one has to ask - how many is "some" and obviously 391 from 4 million is statistically insignificant. However we must also remember that all reporting of adverse reactions is entirely voluntary

And then one runs across this particular article - about a police K-9 who was euthanized due to lack of identification.
Police Dog Escapes, Then Gets Euthanized by the Humane Society
By Pete Kotz in Animal Cruelty, Police bungling
Monday, Nov. 30 2009 @ 7:04AM
The Humane Society whacked Felony the police dog after deeming it unsuitable for adoption
Felony, a police dog in Howard Lake, Minnesota, decided it would be a good idea to escape the working life. So the 10-year-old Labrador broke away from its kennel.

It was picked up by a stranger, who then handed it over to the dog catcher, who in turn left it with the Humane Society. Police called the dog catcher to see if Felony had been nabbed, but there was a mishap in communication; the dog catcher said no...

Felony, as it turns out, had no tags. The Humane Society couldn't locate an owner, and since it deemed Felony to be aggressive -- and thus unsuitable for adoption -- the dog was euthanized after the group's standard five-day waiting period. "

So - given the fact that all of my dogs are micro chipped. And any dog who wished to obtain an OFA health certification for any reason such as hips - elbows, DNA etc MUST be permanently identified. It leads me to also wonder about all those breeders who DNA test their cats - for a variety of reasons (such as a multiple sire litter) and the animals being tested are NOT positively and permanently identified.  Now the average person on the whole is honest forthright and ethical. But we all know there are "those". So say I present a cat for sale to another breeder who is from parents x & y - who then goes on to produce - z. But z is a "statistical impossibility" according to the registering body. Now if those cats were all permanently identified then there would be no question. A strait forward DNA test would positively prove or disprove and no further room for doubt would exist.   Or what if I wanted to ship an animal abroad ? Or what happens if I am at a show and my cat should happen to get loose? Or what about me sending a cat to someone for breeding? Or someone sending a cat to me for breeding? Or any number of other situations that can and do occur?

I am beginning to see a need to protect my cats. And wondering just how big the risk really is? 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Read

For those who are concerned about their animals nutrition and health - I do recommend this book Food Pets Die For. I have owned a copy for many years.
Okay this one just seems silly - but obviously someone some where must have bought these! who knows!

Wild n' Crazy Catnip Stickers

Wild n Crazy Catnip Stickers
click to enlarge
Wild n' Crazy Catnip Stickers are a great way to get your cat's interest in old and new toys. "Purr-fect" for scratching posts. Made with catnip oil, natural inks an paper, they are safe and non-toxic if ingested accidentally. Wild n' Crazy Catnip Stickers remove easily.

Made with only the freshest, highest grade catnip oil. Nepetalactone is the active ingredient extracted from catnip that brings on the elated response in cats. 12 stickers (3 sheets of 4) per package. Each sheet measures approximately 3-3/4" x 3-3/4" with 1-5/8" diameter stickers.

Interesting Product

Note this is not an endorsement just something that caught my eye.

Super Catnip Honeysuckle Mist

Super Catnip Honeysuckle Mist

There are Breeders - Then there are "breeders"

Okay, as this is a blog pertaining to the Siberian cat - and most specifically my Siberian cats - I felt compelled to ask - What Makes a Breeder?

Is it the long nights spent up with a sick little one, only to watch them die? Is it the money put out for those veterinary costs? or the money spent on general supplies, litter, food, toys, scratching posts? or the money spent at a single cat show? or the money spent on showing many cats over many years including but certainly not limited to the travel costs, food, car expenses beyond just gas, entry fees, the care of having someone come into the home while you are gone, lodging, advertising, reaffle tickets "to support" the show/club/region - ? The tears when you place a baby in a happy forever home? The tears when one is born without life or breath? The tears when an aging animal must be helped across the rainbow bridge? Or when one finds their own way to the rainbow bridge?

So is a breeder someone who puts two animals together and gets a litter of babies, then sells them off without benefit of a health check, or making sure that animal is spayed/neutered, properly vaccinated and correctly socialized? And just what is correct socialization? Lets face it - most people believe if the cat doesn't live under the bed then it is just fine.

And what about those breeders who put those two animals together in full knowledge that if not the individual animal has - but the lines have a fatal disease such as PKD or HCM. But since their animal doesn't have it - or at least exhibit signs of it - it must be okay. Are they breeders?

And those breeders that withhold registration papers/pedigree information on the animal.

And truly - what is the honest purpose behind a breeder. To produce "lovely" kittens. Wow , I mean don't we all think our animals are lovely? Or some even are blunt enough , and honest enough - to say it is for the money. That they are breeding animals to produce kittens to sell to the public - because they can. Or what about those who truly care for the breed and want to see it preserved as it is, without changes made by man. But then isn't taking two animals and putting them together in effect man making/changing them?

Isn't it said in the Bible - Genesis 1 ".....and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth."

It will be and always should be an individual's choice on what they do, including the breeding of animals. How you conduct yourself and care for your charges speak volumes.
Something to think on.

Content Baby

Is this a happy kittycat rug or what?

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Blues Brothers ?

These adorable boys are Charmer's first litter.Sired by CFA Ch. Kender's Patronus Charm ( a silver mac tabby) and our B'Lana also known as CFA Ch. Kender's Reluctant Voyager ( a blue & white). Both boys are blue mackeral tabbies and are showing alot of size and heft for only being 3 weeks old!

The Siberian's Popularity

Isn't it amazing how far we have come. We are the 2nd most popular breed by registration in TICA and according to CFA we are #18 out of 40 recognized breeds.

Like any other breed of animal dogs (look at the german shepherds, doberman, goldens, boxers).Cats (look at the Persian) Horses ( Arabians) and any other breed of animal that becomes wildly popular with the general public/populace.

I sure hope the breed can survive it.

End of Season

Forgot to announce - the end of the CFA 2009-2010 show season we made out very well.

CFA Grand Champion Kender's Don't Call Me Nymphadora aka Tonks is 3rd Best of Breed Adult & 3rd Best of Breed Kitten in the SW Region.

CFA Grand Premier Kender's Peter Moon aka Peter is 2nd Best of Breed Siberian Premier in the Nation! As well as Best Siberian Premier in the SW Region.

Ch Premier Kender's Anna Maria made 2nd Best of Breed Premier in the SW regionEnb

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CFA Ch Kender's Surprise Voyager

Mr. Chakotey being too cute for Richard (Chanon) at the Costa Mesa show. Showing off his fantastic clear silver and pattern. What a handsome boy and only 10 months old too!