Sunday, July 4, 2010

CFA Phx Show Sat July 3rd

Well our local 1 day show came to an end - and i have to say I am very pleased with our results.  We of course took our Grand Premier Anna. This is her last show before going to her new forever home with a nice couple in San Diego. And she is just 11 months old.  She took 4 finals out of a possible 6. Very very pleased with that. Lots of nice comments. And as Richard from Chanon was there, we got a nice sitting of pictures done.

Also with us, was our young girl Kender Metamorphmagus of Abristine. A Bella daughter, co-owned with Abby of Abristine cattery here in AZ. Out of a count of 44 kittens she came home with 2 finals in respectable 4th and 6th placements.  This was her very first time out and while she was a bit nervous in her first ring by the end of the day , she was an old hat at it.

So we had a nice day with some good wins and to make the day even better had an acquaintance/budding friend of mine from the GSD club show up and found out she has had Persians almost 20 years ago - she spent a good part of the day paling around and just watching, so that made it even more fun!