Thursday, December 13, 2012

Phoenix CFA Cat Show 12/8 & 9, 2012

Yep that's the handsome boy

We had a fantastic weekend. There was a total of 6 Siberians entered in Championship - we had 2 there. Our Grand "Draco" and a new girl "Kissy"who has never been out in the shows before. It was a 2 day, 10 ring show and we pulled finals for our grand in 5 out of the 10 rings! And for a first timer, Kissy really strutted her stuff! She made 7 Best Champion ribbons garnering a total of 36 Grand points! not bad for a little girl just 8 months and a week! Esp. when you consider her competition was all significantly older than her, including boys in the 14 month to almost 3 yr range!and another girl who was over 3 yrs old!  She showed well, had fun and did some nice winning.

 Draco does enjoy himself!

And yet another final for our GC Kender's Toujour's Pur Debra Bruce had her 2 kitties there as well in Premiership. GC Kender's Zima and again just a youngster, also just 8 months and 1 week Kender's Highland Kelt. Sadly they didn't make any finals but enjoyed themselves none the less, and Kelt became a Premier! (below is Zima)

 Be aware - we DO still hve 2 Draco babies left available to reserve. Inquire Quickly!

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