Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Bit of Flea Knowledge

As many of you know, with summer often times comes the pests.  Here are a few suggestions on how best to deal with them whether you have 1 pet or many.

Products we use and recommend are:
 1) Dawn Dish Soap - yep that's right good ole Dawn. Completely safe and non toxic Dawn is used for a variety of reasons including safely ridding wildlife of grease/grime and oil after oil spills! Fleas dont stand a chance.  Follow this link  for how to bath your pet

2) Program by Novartis - is an over the counter medication you can get in either tablet or liquid. WONDERFUL stuff. most cats I have found readily eat it when mixed into a moist/canned food or even raw meat.   The absolutely MOST interesting thing about this product is that it has a wonderful side affect to prevent and cure RINGWORM! So for those cats or catteries with this problem - I would HIGHLY recommend giving this a try. It is relatively inexpensive (compared to all the caustic dips, shaving etc)

3)Revolution by Pfizer - is a prescription medication you can get a written script from your vet and then order it from online (much cheaper) This is an amazing product as well and one we use here in our own cattery regualrly. It not only prevents fleas, flea eggs but ticks, heartworm and several types of internal parasites as well as ear mites! It is wonderful!

 But dont forget, if you already HAVE fleas treating the pets in the house is only 1/2 the solution! Here's a good article by  Texas A&M
Many people recommend Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and if you only have a few of the pests might be a good enough solution. But all bedding , carpets and even human things such as OUR bedding, couches etc must all be considered and treated.

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