Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Declaw Issue

Its no issue. DO NOT DO IT. Period.

imagine if you will - taking a child of approx 12  to 15 years of age, taking him to a hospital - and removing all of the tips of his fingers - all the first bones and joint , then gluing the remaining tips  back together - all the while the child is completely awake and aware - just unable to move flee or defend himself.

Now imagine that same child - going out to a restaurant and being told - you have to use table manners fork , knife spoon , or writing your schoolwork or even wiping his own bottom.

How is that child likely to behave - how is that procedure likely to affect him for the remainder of his life. And the trauma of watching it all happen , knowing the very people he loves and trusts who are supposed to be caring for him, paid to have this done

Well folks - that is EXACTLY the same procedure a cat goes through when they are declawed between the ages of 6 months and 1 yr. Is it any wonder such an animal might have behavioral issues or house soiling issues..........

Please know - my contract specifically states - no cat/kitten is EVER to be declawed. Not now , not later, not EVER!,

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