Sunday, August 2, 2015

Families Thank You

Our Kender family just wanted to take a moment to thank all the wonderful families who keep in contact with us, and share their Kender Kitty pictures and lives. While we never expect anyone to become bosom buddies it has happened on many many occasions , and we couldn't be more blessed.

Just some of the recent shares from our wonderful families!

Carol K - and her 2 Kender Kitties

Debbie C. and a couple of her Kender Kitties (yes she has 4 retired adults from us)Jaden (below) just turned 9 this year

Elsa just joined her family this past weekend
Kisa is hitting the wonderful age of 13 ! Yet it hasnt slowed her down one bit !

Lauren's Kender Kitty Monster is going on 4.

Karen's Kender Kitty

Francis and Sherry's Kender Kitty Aslan - what a hunk ! He is 6 now

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