Friday, January 20, 2017

Alda Update.. now Olive

we are so blessed and pleased to have rec'd this today -

Hello, Alice! (:

Mark and I just wanted to share some sweetness of little Miss Olive with y'all, and send our condolences on the passing of Bella and return of Thorn. 

(We did rename Alda "Olive," as Alda sounds a lot like my grandmother's name, Alma.) Olive continues to amaze us with her humor, curiosity, and capacity to cuddle! She has explored every height in our apartment, and discovered so many sleeping nooks! Mostly, however, she likes to help, whether its with homework, cooking, grocery bags, tying shoes, baths, or sleeping. 

She received a transformable play mat as one of her Christmas presents, and is absolutely loving it right now. We also bought her a few big 3" diameter crunchy/crinkly balls, like the one from you she came home with, but she still favors the little, loved one from her first home. (: 
She's so funny though!: Mark and I brought back a bunch of beach rocks from a walk one weekend, and she claimed a little green one as her own new play toy for awhile! She enjoyed pushing it around on the tile floor, and then throwing it up, so it would clatter on its return. 

We hope you all are doing well...., !!

Sarah + Mark + Olive 

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