Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Toy Review - The ROBO FISH

So I guess these guys have been around a while.  Originally marketed as a childrens toy. We ordered 4 of them  and while they did take a bit of time to arrive ( think 5 weeks ! - so have patience)
And I have to say EVERYBODY in the house LOVED the fishies !
 Everyone had to try to sink to steal the fishies. Super easy to activate - literally you just plop them into the water.

Some even tried trading their toys- for a fishy - nope you dont get away with it mister !

The one downfall  - is the battery life  was REALLY short. for 45 minutes we were enthralled - but then poof - dead batteries. Not sure if this is old stock , got zapped by the AZ heat in transit (always possible) or just a bad batch of batteries. The lovely part is the batteries are entirely replaceable - so once I go to the grocery store we shall have Fishies once again !   Check out our Facebook group to see the video.

I found them well worth the $.   In the mean time you can find the fishies here 

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