Tuesday, October 24, 2017

DeGreasing a Cat including your Siberian

Sharing this from another poster - all credit goes to individual companies , and the author.  L Hornburger

One thing I will add is rinse rinse rinse and then rinse again - never ever leave shampoo, degreaser or anything in the coat of your cat - because they WILL lick it and while topical wont harm your kitty some things WILL when ingested. 

Degreasing a Cat

Degreasing is done before shampooing to remove the majority of oils from the coat. There are a number of options available depending on the coat and on personal preference.
1) Dawn dishwashing liquid -- This is cheap and effective for most shorthaired cats, but only seems to work for less oily persians. It works best if thinned slightly and put on a wet coat.
2) Top Performance Degreaser -- This is a bit more, but to me seems to be better for persians. Again, thin and use on a wet coat.
3) Davis Degreaser -- This is a gel degreaser, with no coloring and a pleasant smell. It should NOT be thinned and should be used on a dry coat. One puts it on and then massages it into the hair all the way to the skin. It works best if it stands for a few minutes before wetting the coat. I put it on and then start running the water to the right temperature. It is very effective for most greasy areas on a persian. More expensive than the liquid degreasers and the Groomer's Goop, but not excessively costly if you buy the large jar.
4) Groomer's Goop -- This is a semi-solid degreaser in a tub. It has to me a petrochemical smell which I do not like. It does work and some say it works better than the Davis degreaser, especially on very oily cats. Again, no thinning, work into the coat, let stand for a minute or two. This is cheaper than Davis.
5) Les Pooches F&T -- This is considered the best degreaser by many who show cats. It is expensive and hard to find. And I can't really say much about it as I just broke down and ordered my first bottle of it.
When I degrease a cat, I almost always use Davis first on the chest, behind the ears, the front legs, and maybe the tail, and then Top Performance second, on the entire cat.

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