Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Holiday Spirit

I think some are already getting into the kitty Christmas spirit.  taken from her facebook page -  Gus' owner is def getting into the mood .

Ohhh Gus...
so, my wreath died..like, it needs to be re-welded and is now an oval died and after over a decade of service, it’s time for retirement.
Went to Costco, wasn’t super excited about what they had so bought the plain one and I am going to create my own(wish me luck, going with gold so it’s going to be nice and gaudy❣️ lol)....but I digress...
When it comes to bringing out the holiday decorations, Gus is always there...to help and inspect and make sure he approves.
He approved...as he nestled down into both of them....oh Gus!

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