Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Updates

Some wonderful updates from our recent kitty families. -
3:59pm Sep 13
Little Rex is such an incredible kitten!! He brings me so much happiness, and I want to thank you again for being so wonderful and giving him to me! He is SUCH a snuggler, he doesn't just want to be little spoon, he wants to be as close as possible, preferrably cuddled up in my neck. My roommates absolutely love him, and they have shorter work days so they play with him when I can't be home. He definitely keeps himself entertained though, he goes crazy over the feather toys, then within seconds passes out, always right next to me in bed. Your cats are one of a kind, and I am so lucky to have little Rexy in my life! Thanks again!
Sasha is the sweetest kitten ever!!! She loved and cuddled up to all of us last night. She loves her new toy!!!
Thank you for choosing us to be her new family!!

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