Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another Dakota Update

Her mom is so funny - she sends us these regular email updates! We just love them !

Bought new air filters for furnace today. Placed them next to the cold air return and finished unloading car. Attached, Boris (insert - another Kender kitty almost 8 now !) is inspecting damage done by you know who.

I'll be fully trained in a couple of months.

 And this email from about 3 weeks ago
Opens cabinets in the kitchen
Pulls stoppers out of sinks in the two bathrooms
stuffs toys into the garbage disposal
sleeps under the covers
gets in the shower
sleeps on drying sweaters
slings litter
slopy eater
Insists upon tasting everything I eat.
Helps fold laundry and helps with bed making

For now, that's all the stuff I can think of. What a smart and fun thing she is!!!

Boris has adjusted and will egg her on now !!!

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