Sunday, July 31, 2016

Siberian Health and Longevity

We just wanted to remind everyone that health and longevity are so important when choosing a breeder.  As you can tell from many of our shared blogs - many Kender Siberians live well into their teens at 13/14/15/16/and even 17 years with proper care - love - and feeding.  But none of that would be possible without the proper genetic  health to begin with.

Woody - 17 and still going strong
Lilly 16 age at passing
Bandit 14 age at passing
Shya 15 age at passing
Kisa 15 - and still going strong
Mika -13 and still going strong

That is why we continue to strive for excellence in our pedigrees and breedings. And we are only 1 of 10 catteries in North America  contributing to sharing of that testing information - not only of HCM but also of PKD1, PKD, and PKDef.

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